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Tourism Australia Presents... The ULTIMATE SELFIE!

Say goodbye to outstretched arms and selfie sticks, say hello to the GIGI Selfie!

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We all know that 2014 was essentially the year of the selfie, with people going above and beyond to get that one ultimate snap!

Giphy / Via

Who could forget the awesome celeb-selfie Ellen took at the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres / Via

Or the ever so entertaining Llama Selfie

Reddit / Via

The first space selfie

The stupid selfie

Derek Barlow / Via

The even stupider selfie

Kirill Oreshkin / Via

The 'our plane just crashed' selfie

The Selfie-ception

They even took a selfie on Mars

NASA / Via

Most recently the world first 'Sealfie'

And lastly the 'I just ruined a perfectly good photo' selfie

Tania Safi / Via Instagram: @taniasafi

But move aside amateur photo-opportunists because Tourism Australia has something even bigger!

Giphy / Via

Enter the GIGA Selfie

View this video on YouTube / Via Digital Buzz Blog

The GIGA Selfie allows tourists who stand on specially marked areas at famous destinations across Australia to take amazing landscape photos without the aid of a selfie stick!

Once you've gone to the website, you can trigger the ultra high resolution photos made of hundreds of photos that are automatically composed as as single image and sent straight to you!

So say goodbye to outstretched arms and selfie sticks, Tourism Australia has got you sorted! Peace out! / Via Instagram

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