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7 Classic Cartoons That Need To Be Added To Netflix ASAP

With the endless menagerie of TV shows and movies being added to Netflix, I still think Netflix Australia are missing a few 90s kids afternoon classics. Maybe they need to cut a deal with Nickelodeon, or I need to man up and get Foxtel. But hey on my student budget Netflix needs to get on this!

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1. Widget the World Watcher (1993)

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A forgotten classic, I miss watching that friendly purple alien 'Widget' from Horsehead Nebula shapeshift through time and space on many adventures to protect the natural environment. Always accompanied by the Mega Brain, the overly intelligent floating head and hands made children of the 90s appreciate the natural beauty of the world they grew up in. Netflix Australia bring back Widget!

2. Stickin' Around (1996)

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Probably one of my most cherished children's cartoon this is a necessary addition to Netflix. The hand-drawn adventures of Stacy and Bradley brought to life all children's fantasies and imaginations in the form of superheros, fighting all the crazy different enemies they concocted. Who can forget those catch phrases 'ewwww what's that funky smell?', 'Real mature Bradley' and 'Have a COW man!' Netflix Australia bring back Stickin' Around!

3. Captain Planet (1990)

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Probably one of the most memorable retro shows, it is strange that this hasn't made an appearance on Netflix Australia yet. With the planateer powers of Water, Earth, Wind, Fire and Heart hopefully we can bring back Captain Planet and save Netflix Australia!

4. Aaahh!! Real Monsters (1994)

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The adventures of Ickis, Oblina and Krumm, three young monsters attending a monster school whose headmaster is The Gromble brought such great afternoon TV watching time, how is it not on Netflix Australia yet! Set in New York City, the weird and wacky monsters brought to life the 90s kid's imagination. Once again beyond my belief that there hasn't be a resurgent of interest in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Netflix bring back the monsters!

5. CatDog (1998)

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Those loveable conjoined siblings need no introduction, and I'm pretty sure every kid of the 90s could still sing the entire opening song to the show. With Dog going on adventures chasing garbage trucks, chasing cars, and exploring, we see Cat juxtaposed having a more cultured view. Netflix please bring back CatDog!

6. Recess (1997)

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Portraying the lives of six fourth graders the mischievous pranks and trouble the 'gang' would get themselves into always proved a favourite. Nothing better than coming home from school and popping on Recess to live out the pranking fantasies of a 10 year old. Netflix bring back Recess!

7. Rocko's Modern Life (1993)

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With a Wallaby as a main character how is this time warp back to the 90s not trending on Netflix Australia RIGHT NOW? With Heffer the cow as his side-kick this was a big 90s kids favourite! Netflix please bring back Rocko's Modern Life!

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