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20 Times Pokémon Accidentally Became Poképorn

"Catch 'em all" takes on a whole new meaning.

1. When this Ampharos got intimate with some Mareep.

2. That time Heracross touched Bulbasaur's special place.

3. When Professor Oak got to second base with a Miltank.

4. When this group of Rhyhorns were really into a human girl.

5. That time Pikachu wasn't having nearly as much fun as Minccino appeared to be having.

6. When Brock began dry humping a Sudowoodo.

7. And who could forget when James showed off his bountiful fake breasts?

8. When Togepi told Pikachu to use his tongue?

9. That time when Brock auditioned for Magic Mike

10. When Muk took it to the next level with Professor Oak.

11. That time Chansey wanted Nurse Joy to know that she was bootylicious.

12. That time Shuckle really loved this girl's navel.

13. When Jessie wanted this Lickitung to just get on with it already.

14. When Chansey tried to fit things into orifices that weren't big enough.

15. That time Pikachu felt up Ash's mom while he was watching.

16. When Pichu was slappin' dat ass.

17. That time Meowth was right up on a Miltank's teat.

18. When Caterpie relieved himself all over a snake.

19. When Victreebel tried to deep-throat Lickitung.

20. And this Diglett who did a fairly normal thing but still got dirty.