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    25 Things People Who Doodle Know To Be True

    We make masterpieces in the margins.

    1. You have pages and pages of absolutely worthless notes.

    James Grebey

    Right... The Battle of Hastings.... that was the one with a dinosaur, apparently?

    2. You've been accused of not paying attention because you were drawing.

    Ilka-Erika Szasz-Fabian / thinkstock

    But you were! (Most of the time.)

    3. Your drawings are an outlet for your busy mind.

    4. Sometimes you aren't really sure what you're drawing.

    Madhouse / Via

    Just let it happen.

    5. You've been... disturbed by what you drew.

    The Apatow Company

    Your subconscious is sending you a dark, dark message.

    6. You mastered how to draw that fancy "S" at an early age.

    James Grebey

    7. You do some of your best work... on random pieces of paper.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    This scrap paper belongs in the Louvre!

    8. You've hesitated to turn in a paper because you made an awesome drawing on the back of it

    LuckyBusiness / thinkstock

    Is passing really worth losing this piece of art?

    9. You've drawn so much on one page that it becomes impossible to make anything out.

    Fox / Via

    10. You need to buy fresh notebooks way more often than your non-doodling peers.

    Siraphol / thinkstock

    Maybe "sketchbooks" is a better word for them.

    11. You carry around nice art supplies so you can doodle like a pro.

    Tay Jnr / thinkstock

    Number 2 pencils are for noobs.

    12. People around you are always interested in your doodles.

    13. But sometimes they have the gall to judge your art.

    Fresh TV / Via

    Not cool, man.

    14. You have to make a concerted effort not to draw whenever there's a pen and paper in front of you...

    Kyoto Animation / Via

    "I will not draw. I will not draw. I will not draw."

    15. ...And you usually fail completely.

    Disney / Via

    You just can't hold these artistic urges back.

    16. You turn into a child whenever a restaurant has crayons.

    Cartoon Network Studios

    Paper tablecloths are your canvas.

    17. Sometimes you get so caught up in your doodles that you forget what you were supposed to be doing.

    18. You've drawn on a desk.

    19. You've drawn on your hand.

    Peter Draws / Via

    20. You've drawn on something important that you shouldn't have.

    James Grebey

    Essentially, no surface is safe when it's in front of you.

    21. You fondly remember the days when everyone was playing Draw Something.

    James Grebey

    22. You're able to entertain yourself by doodling when you're not able to use your phone or computer.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    23. You've spent multiple days working on one doodle.

    James Grebey

    Good things take time.

    24. Your absent-minded doodles sometimes take on a life of their own.

    Sometimes a sketch turns into something great.

    25. And you know, no matter what the haters say, that doodling is sign of a mature, creative mind.

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