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25 Signs You Ran Track And Field In High School

It's not only a sport. It's the sport.

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1. You have battle scars from accidentally stabbing yourself with a safety pin while putting your bib on.

2. You never got to go to the mall or hang out with friends right after school because you always had practice.

SNL Studios / Via

3. And you couldn't go out on weekends because that was always race time.

James Grebey

4. You had a watch tan.

5. You. Wore. Short. Shorts.

6. And, when it was cold, tights.

Gaumont / Via

7. Steeplechase was reliably the most fun part of your day.

Josh Inman / Via

Watching it, that is. Running it was a whole different story.

8. You missed your last period classes because of meets. A lot.

9. You measure distances in meters because that's all you know.

You've been called un-American for doing so.
danielvfung / Thinkstock

You've been called un-American for doing so.

10. You got territorial when other teams used your track.

Thinkstock / James Grebey

11. Other sports that practiced in the infield were a threat.

The Slow Mo Guys / Via

When balls went out of bound the ended up right on the track... or in your face.

12. You had abandonment issues when a new season started and some of your teammates inevitably left you for another sport.

Disney / Via

"You're leaving me for tennis?"

13. Shopping for shoes when you first started track was the hardest thing...

Digital Vision. / Thinkstock

14. ...until it became the easiest.

Digital Vision. / Thinkstock

15. You tend to opt for bright colors.


It's partially so you don't get hit by a car, but they're also fabulous.

16. You got pissed when non-track people lounged on the pole vault or high jump mats.

You haven't earned that!
AAE / Via

You haven't earned that!

17. The mile in the presidential fitness test was your bitch.

You probably even wore your spikes for it, you cheeky devil.

You probably even wore your spikes for it, you cheeky devil.

18. Your wardrobe is full of shirts you bought at races.

19. Your goals were constantly changing as you ran faster and faster times.

Universal Television / Via

20. You still know all your PRs (and probably all of your rival's too).

Phil Roeder / Flickr: tabor-roeder

21. You had pasta every Friday night.


Gotta carbo-load.

22. You ate bananas constantly to try to stop everything from cramping and hurting.


Gotta get that potassium, K?

23. You could pretty much eat whatever you wanted after a race. So you did.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

24. You walked like a jelly-legged doofus after workouts.


Walking was hard.

25. Above all, you worship The Stick.

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