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    21 Parts Of Everyday Life That Are A Struggle If You're Bad At Math

    You want me to figure out what 15% of the bill is? Who am I, Einstein?

    1. The end of a meal when you need to split the bill with a bunch of friends.

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    2. And — heaven help you — when people pay with cash and cards.

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    3. Having to figure out how much to tip without your brain shutting down.

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    4. Figuring out how much pizza to get for a group of friends is not a decision you should be making.

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    "Wait so if there's six of us, should we get a large and a medium? But wait, it's the same number of slices per pizza so does it mater? Yes... right?"

    5. When you know the year someone was born and it's way harder than it should be to calculate their age.

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    6. Responsible things, like making a budget for yourself, are sadly outside the realm of your understanding.

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    7. When people who know how to do math complain about doing their taxes, reminding you that you're really up shit creek without a paddle.

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    8. Any time you need to covertly resort to counting on your fingers.

    9. When you try to compare bulk prices at the store to see what's the better value...and make the wrong decision.

    10. Any attempt to double a recipe usually ends with you totally screwing up the measurements.

    11. Converting one unit of measurement to another? No way José.

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    12. Using a measuring tape to find out where to put the nails so you can evenly hang pictures on your wall.


    Your walls have tons of little pencil marks left on them from incorrect measurements.

    13. The momentary confusion you feel whenever you're confronted with a clock that's on military time.

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    It's a quarter past... seventeen?

    14. When you have to think for a minute to figure out a movie's actual runtime.

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    A 140 minute runtime? Hours were invented for a reason, guys.

    15. Going shopping and trying to make sense of all the discounts stacked on top of each other.


    So... how much does it cost?

    16. When you got a fancy calculator in middle school with way too many buttons, and it was way outside your comfort zone.

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    Writing "boobs" was about as far as you ever got.

    17. Any game of Monopoly where you had to be the banker was bad news.

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    You're not too big to fail.

    18. Frickin' algebra, man. Letters commingling with numbers makes your skin crawl.

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    Shit ain't right.

    19. When your phone dies, forcing you to do all the math by yourself.

    20. When your mathematically gifted friends give you a hard time for not being able to do "simple" things.

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    Don't feel bad. They are wizards, and math is an evil magic.

    21. And of course there's the absolute worst experience for the math-impaired: Math class.

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