11 Charts That Capture The Pain Of Commuting In New York City

    "We are being momentarily held by the train's dispatcher."

    1. Getting on the train in the first place can literally be a struggle.

    2. And some riders don't know proper train etiquette.

    3. Some commuters don't know the meaning of personal space.

    4. You're expected to understand the gibberish they broadcast on the speaker system.

    5. Sometimes there aren't any seats.

    6. You're packed in the train with a whole bunch of other people like sardines in a tin, and you stink accordingly.

    7. Eventually your perception of time starts to warp.

    8. There are delays. Oh boy are there delays.

    9. You need to load up on caffeine to make it through the damned commute and survive the rest of the day.

    (Especially on certain days).

    10. And even after you get off the train you've got to wait in yet another metal box before you're finally at work.

    11. But the worst thing is that after you finish commuting you're... at work, and all you can think about is this graph: