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10 Unusual Halloween Traditions From Around The World

It seems there's a whole lot more to Halloween than simply dressing up and trick or treating...

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2. Singapore - Zhong Yuan Jie

On this day it's believed the gates of hell are opened for the spirits to return to our world, so what better way to pay them homage than to take to the streets with music and Chinese Opera?

8. Ireland - Oiche Shamhna

Oiche Shamhna or Samhaim Night is a traditional celebration in which people dress up as creatures of the underworld and have bonfire and firework celebrations. Turnips are carved and a special fortune telling cake called a BarmBrack is baked.

10. Japan - Kawasaki Halloween Parade

For the Japanese people Halloween is either go big or go home. In the Kawasaki parade nearly 4000 people stomp their way though Tokyo's streets with ever more impressive costumes.

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