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18 Things Our Parents Didn't Tell Us About Growing Up Today...

Growing debt, trebled tuition fees and a million of us out of work. Just a few of the ways young people are getting a raw deal!

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1. The dream in Britain was supposed to be that kids climb the ladder and do better than their parents:


2. But lately the harder you try to get up the pole the more difficult it gets:


3. When I was the first in my family to get to university I was like:

4. Then the Lib Dems broke their promise and tripled the cost of university, so obviously I went a bit…


5. But I worked hard and got a decent degree:


6. …and some of my friends who left school at 17 started applying for apprenticeships:

7. We all had hopes of landing a great job:

8. Then realised we were part of a queue of a million young people stuck looking for work:

9. And the government is saying just find yourself a job, even though there are none to get:


10. Even when jobs do come up, loads are either unpaid internships, or part of the government’s unpaid workfare scheme:

11. And after tonnes of unanswered emails and rejections, you feel like:

12. I got something in the end. It isn’t well paid, but I was still …


13. And then I heard the government say I might not get help with my housing costs if I lost my job, just because I am under 25:


14. Then you look at your bank account and it’s still like:

15. …and I found out I’d need to save around £26,000 if I want to get a deposit for a house and went:


16. Then I saw this graph and realised why lots of older people aren’t so worried about the problem:

17. At least things will get better in the long run and hey you can enjoy yourself when you're older right? Perhaps not …

18. But! There are lots of us in the same boat and if we get together we can start to change things.


At Unite Young Members we're not taking it lying down, we're organising to make sure young peoples' voices are heard.

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