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    21 Reasons Why You Should Hate Kim Kardashian

    If you don't already.

    1. Because she can't grow a beard for sh*t.

    2. Because she ruined this perfectly good carpet.

    3. Because this is the face she makes when Khloe asks for more screen time.

    4. Because she had 24 chinchillas murdered so her left arm would be warm.

    5. Because she cries whenever she sees ugly people.

    6. Because she bullies the weak and defenseless.

    7. Because she just wouldn't get off this poor guy's back.

    8. Because she has the big one trained to kill on command.

    9. Because she carries children in shopping bags.

    10. And carries kittens like this.

    11. Because all she wants is your money.

    12. Because she had the nerve to believe she could pull off this look.

    13. Because she made us aware of this guy's existence.

    14. Because she's a backseat driver.

    15. Because she's blocking our view of the ocean.

    16. Because she has an evil twin.

    17. Because before she was famous, Bruce Jenner was a well-respected Olympian.

    18. Because she ruined a Prince concert.

    19. Because she told Khloe: "Don't be ridiculous. You look hot!"

    20. Because she may have triggered the end of the world.

    21. But mainly because Jon Hamm hates her too.