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Based On Past Royal Dresses, Here's What We Hope Meghan Markle Wears On Her Wedding Day

Putting our investigative caps on.

The world is waiting to see what Meghan Markle is going to wear to her wedding this Saturday. Although we don't know definitively what to expect, based on past royal looks, here are our theories:

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Okay, these are mostly MY theories, but I am just very passionate about Meghan.

I'm feeling like Meghan would give us a bit of flower crown, a nice sweetheart neckline, and some poppin' accessories like Queen Victoria.

Many Victorian Brides chose to embellish their dresses with Orange & Myrtle Blossom – a tradition started by Queen Victoria who chose to wear a wreath of Orange Blossom rather than a tiara at her Wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. #RoyalWedding

@royalfamily / Via Twitter: @RoyalFamily

Back in the 1800s, Queen Victoria's wedding dress was viewed as simple. As possibly the originator of the 'flower crown', could a look like this, with an off-the-shoulder neckline made out of Honiton lace, be the style Meghan will go for?

Or could Meghan go glitz and glam like Queen Elizabeth, decked out with all the sartorial stops?

On The Queen's Wedding Day, Her Majesty wore a Norman Hartnell designed gown that was inspired by Botticelli's painting 'Primavera'. #RoyalWedding

@RoyalFamily / Via Twitter: @RoyalFamily

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress had the rose of York hand-embroidered in over 10,000 pearls and crystals, which is quite the opposite of simple. Could Meghan go out for a dress with a train like this? 🤔

Honestly, I think Meghan could give us a ton of drama with her dress, like Princess Diana did. Do y'all see these angles?!

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

Of course, Princess Diana's wedding dress also pulled out all the stops: Hand-embroidery, sequins, pearls, ivory silk taffeta with hand-made ivory silk slippers. For some reason, I'm leaning more toward a full-skirted for Markle.

Or she could go for the calmer version, with a cascading train and a more romantic-style dress, like Kate Middleton.

Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images

In fact, Sarah Burton's Alexander McQueen dress for Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William had a similar aesthetic: It was decked out with an ivory satin bodice AND floral motifs cut from machine-made lace.

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Meghan to follow suit of her predecessors. I mean, look at Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's similarities:

AFP / Getty Images

V-cut neckline, jewel-encrusted veils, and small earrings. Check.

And of course, a train that goes on, and on, and on.

AFP / Getty Images

If Meghan doesn't have a long train, how will she give us life in these photos?!

Oh, and I didn't forget about the tiara: If you're gonna stunt in jewels, you have to shine! Tiaras are super important for the British royal family, like for Princess Margaret:

Douglas Miller / Getty Images

Y'all see these diamonds?! This isn't a game.

Or even for Kate Middleton, whose Cartier tiara was embellished with almost 1,000 diamonds.

Carl De Souza / AFP / Getty Images

In fact, most tiaras we see are lent out through the family, and while there's no official rule for the type of tiara you have to wear for the royal wedding, we definitely are hoping there's some glitz and glam on Meghan's head!

Okay, so I'm thinking Meghan is going to pull off glitzy and glam for the dress, skewed more contemporary with a nice little embellishment on the royal crown. What do you guys think? Leave them in the comments!