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    People Are Sharing Advice Baby Boomers Gave Them, And Honestly, Let's Try This Again

    We're not bashing boomers, we're just...pointing out the facts.

    Look, we all love boomers. But I think we can also say that at some point, we've all received advice that made us hit them with the side-eye.

    So when @Freeyourmindkid on Twitter asked people about the most out of touch advice they've ever received from a boomer, I had to see what people said.

    What's the most out of touch advice that a Boomer has ever given you? Use the hashtag #BoomerAdvice when you answer.

    Here's a few of the best (well, worst) pieces of advice:

    1. About applying for jobs:

    @Freeyourmindkid “You can’t just apply for jobs online. You have to get out there! Drop off resumes, call then every day! Go pound the pavement.” #BoomerAdvice

    2. About job hiring:

    "Just call/go in and ask if they're hiring!" #BoomerAdvice

    3. About investments:

    In 2007, “A house is a great investment. It will only go up in value.” #boomeradvice

    4. About getting promoted at work:

    Pay your dues, work late, go the extra mile, take the initiative, take all the tasks no one else wants to do! Your boss will give you credit and you’ll be promoted quickly! It’s the way to get ahead! #BoomerAdvice Way to get exploited, more like...

    5. About money at work:

    @Freeyourmindkid #boomeradvice if you show you’re willing to work harder, they will show that they are willing to pay you more.

    6. About sacrifices:

    @Freeyourmindkid My mom told me that I should be ok with working as an unpaid intern because the company/organization will see how great my work ethic is and hire me. #boomeradvice

    7. About job searches:

    @Freeyourmindkid Show up in person to fill out job applications because it shows more dedication. Ask about job benefits at the interview. Both from my father who had not had to look for a job in over 30 years. Technically he's Silent Generation and not boomer, but close enough. #BoomerAdvice

    8. About loyalty (HA!):

    @Freeyourmindkid Go to college, get a good job, be loyal to the company, they’ll be loyal to you 😒 #BoomerAdvice

    9. About political views:

    "You'll get more conservative as you get older and start to understand how the world actually works." #BoomerAdvice Literally the opposite. I was a Texas Libertarian in my teens and now "the way the world works" has made me a god damn borderline tankie

    10. About life in general:

    @Freeyourmindkid ✔ go to an "elite" college ✔ whatever happens to you, happens for a reason ✔ no pain, no gain 😑 #BoomerAdvice

    11. About perspectives after children:

    @Freeyourmindkid You’ll see things differently once you have children #boomeradvice (And no, I’m still just as radical).

    12. About men:

    Always have a men as references on your CV. Always. #BoomerAdvice

    13. About working hard:

    "Just get a second job. You all think the world owes you something." #BoomerAdvice

    14. About work attire:

    Dad: You should wear a suit and tie to work everyday. Me: I'm a graphic designer and video editor, not the host of The Tonight Show. #BoomerAdvice

    15. About speaking:

    "Don't speak unless you are spoken to." #BoomerAdvice

    16. About makeup:

    #BoomerAdvice from my mom: just put on a little extra blush, you’ll feel better about life

    17. And lastly, this advice that shows boomers also got crappy advice, so we really can't be mad at them:

    I’m sure the boomers received some epically unuseful advice, too. Learn shorthand! Stand by your man! Ladies don’t need college! Everyone should know how to butcher a chicken! They’ve come a long way, tbh. #BOOMERADVICE