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    10 Shows That Had The Best Fashion Of All Time

    How many pairs of shoes does this list make you want to buy?

    Hey guys, I'm Jamé! As a style and beauty lover, I am obsessed with the outfits TV characters wear. On top of a good plot line, fashion is like the pièce de résistance, right? Now, I'm rounding up 10 shows you have to watch because the style slays, serves, and saves!

    10. Good Times


    Good Times wasn't just a sitcom that kept me laughing as a kid, but it also kept me stylishly-inspired. The show, which aired in the '70s, gave us true fashion: wide-leg bottoms, flared blouses, and a whole lot of color. Geez, I miss it.

    9. Girlfriends

    The CW

    I wanted to be friends with each of these women, just so I could run through their closets and play dress-up for a day. Each lady had her own signature style, and there was never a moment I didn't want to buy every single thing they had on.

    8. Mary Tyler Moore Show


    Not only was Mary Tyler Moore a style icon and ahead of her time in women's fashion, but I don't know many others who nailed that effortless 9-5 work wardrobe quite like her. Her style was always impeccable, clean, polished, and she really gave us so much inspiration on what to wear while taking on the world.

    7. Dynasty


    The children of today will never know the full level of pettiness and drama that this soap opera brought in the '80s. I'm serious y'all: There was a lot of money, backstabbing, business deals, and dramaaa, and I LIVED for it. Oh, and the fashion of Joan Collins was unparalleled with silk blouses, elaborate hats, and lots of furs.

    6. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


    I don't care how pretentious she was, Hilary Banks could DRESS like nobody else. She pulled off everything she wore — from structured blazers to off-the-shoulder LBDs, Hilary could do no wrong.

    5. The Golden Girls

    Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images

    Listen to me when I say that I watched The Golden Girls RELIGIOUSLY as a child (heck, I still do, now). While laughing at their shenanigans and learning valuable life lessons, I got to enjoy how each one had — and owned — her own unique, totally '80s style.

    4. Sex And The City


    Even when it first aired, Sex And the City was ahead of its time, style-wise. From Carrie's designer outfits to Miranda's lawyer-approved wardrobe, there was never a dull style moment on this show. In fact, Carrie Bradshaw was the reason so many of us, myself included, swore to one day own a pair of Manolos. (I'm still working on that one, though).

    3. Empire


    Cookie Lyon is a BEAST at this style game. Honey can give me furs, leopard prints, stoles, hair, everything! She proves that color isn't something to run away from, and the bolder the color, the bolder the woman! Sis, can I borrow your wardrobe for a day?

    2. The Nanny


    Fran served me a lewk EVERY episode. Everything from designer skirts to her body-hugging dresses, she knew what worked for her and how to strut her stuff. I love Fran Fine so much, I did an entire tribute to her.

    1. The Muppet Show


    NOBODY can slay an outfit like Miss Piggy, who proved that only true divas can own an outfit like her. She gave me glitz, glamor, sequins, fringe, and an attitude of a movie star. What a style knockout.