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    19 Tips That Were Given To Me On Being A Good Influencer, So I'm Sharing Them With The World

    You'll notice a pattern and a theme, here. Sort of like a curated IG feed.

    Recently I asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what for some tips on being a good influencer. While the definitions of what makes a 'good' influencer varied, here were some of the best tips:

    1. Don't work to be an influencer, just be an influence:

    "Don't start with the intention of becoming an influencer. Start because you have something you're passionate about and want to share with the world. If you're good at it, and work hard, success will come!"


    2. Be inclusive:

    "Be inclusive and appreciate ALL of your fans. Don’t be one of these YouTubers or influencers who release a makeup line that only caters to light skin tones and white girls."


    3. Take responsibility when you mess up:

    "A good influencer knows how to take responsibility for their actions, even those that they are not proud of."


    4. Separate your personal from your professional:

    "Don’t use your old personal social media as your public one. You should create a new social media account solely for your influential purposes. Once you have a decent following, delete any personal social media and keep it to your public influential account. Finstas are a no if you post offensive or risqué content, since they almost always get leaked."


    5. Don't be lazy when it comes to the work:

    "When you are hired for a job, you are not just hired for being you. Do your research about your market. Dress up accordingly for events. Respect processes."


    6. Remember that your audience is looking for honest reviews and thoughts from you:

    "Don't let brand affiliations stop you from giving honest reviews and feedback. Be transparent about what brand deals you have going on. And most of all, DO NOT lie to your audience. You can't be an influencer without them."


    7. Learn how to balance your content:

    "I have a large following, and the most important thing is knowing what your audience wants and having a sense of balance. If you over post content, people will get tired of you, and if you under post, you’ll lose relevancy. Know your time and be calculated. You can be outspoken, but try your hardest to be pleasant while doing so! Having a sense of humor is always the best."


    8. Treat others with respect:

    "I moderate for a large YT/Twitch streamer and these topics pop up every once in a while. At the crux of it, they said the cardinal rule about such things is 'Treat others like you want to be treated.' They know thousands, perhaps up to a million, people are watching them and that it is best to put forward a great example of kindness."


    9. Stay professional and don't offer *exposure* as collateral:

    "Don't ask for free stuff in exchange for exposure. Whether it's a few nights at a resort hotel or a cone of ice cream, people's livelihoods depend on exchange of actual money, not exposure. A snarky review because something didn't go your way, as in some business did not bend to your will or give you free stuff, is a surefire way to ensure that you are loathed."


    10. Don't force your persona:

    "The best influencers know to just be honest. Fans want a real person, so you shouldn't go overboard trying to be relatable or popular. The right people will be attracted to you and your brand."


    11. Stay free from the drama:

    "Don’t get into drama. Even if someone directly tries to start drama with you, the best option is to ignore or calmly explain yourself. As long as you’re kind and respectful, no one should have a reason to ‘cancel’ you."


    12. I mean this goes without saying, but don't be problematic:

    "Don't be problematic. Check yourself, especially when you're in a situation where peer pressure, alcohol, or both may compromise your decision-making skills. Always be aware of what you're saying and how it can come off to other audiences. Maybe have a friend check your content out before you post it to make sure everything comes off well. Finally, be careful with what you post because it will stay on the internet forever."


    13. Be alright with not always winning people over:

    "Know that not everyone is going to applaud when you succeed, and that’s OK. Take social media days off for your mental health."


    14. Of course, obey the law:

    "Disclose sponsored posts and ads. I think this is legally required, but you should still do it."


    15. Stay creative and don't always focus on the numbers:

    "Keep your content creative and keep it in line with what you actually want to do with your profile. People can tell if you’re being genuine or not, or if you’re enjoying what you do or not. Don’t be too concerned with your numbers if social media isn’t your main source of income. Yeah, meeting a goal is exciting, but it shouldn’t be your sole motivator."


    16. Don't let the noise get to you:

    "The biggest rule is not to let the fame, money, and power go to your head. Just stay humble and remember where you came from."


    17. Remember that people can feel inauthenticity:

    "Production value doesn’t mean anything when the person is produced. No one wants to watch someone that gives off human-adjacent vibes. There are a bunch of channels where the person is just, for lack of a better word, clinical in how they portray themselves. And while their videos may depict sincerity, there is no actual sincerity behind it. Being less concerned over perception, and more concerned about being sincere just makes a better 'influencer'."


    18. Always prepare for the future:

    "Recognize that being an 'influencer' is a fad. It will fade, and you should have a backup plan in place for when it inevitably does go away. Maybe that means starting a business, or getting back into a corporate job. Whatever it is, just prepare."


    19. And lastly, maybe the best tip is just moving onto the next thing:

    "If you weren’t an influencer three years ago, you’re already too late."


    What do you think? Are there other tips you think make a good influencer? Leave them in the comments below!