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Updated on Sep 15, 2019. Posted on Sep 15, 2019

These Yes Or No Relationship Questions Will Reveal If You're More Logical Or Emotional

There's always something we would or wouldn't do.

  1. Would you ever kiss on the first date?

  2. Would you hook up with someone on the first date?

  3. Would you ever date your ex?

  4. Would you ever talk to your best friend's ex?

  5. Would you ever date someone who is older than you?

  6. Would you ever date someone who is younger than you?

  7. Would you ever stay friends with your ex?

  8. Would you ever lie to your significant other to keep from hurting their feelings?

  9. Would you ever get back with an ex who cheated on you?

  10. Would you ever tell someone you love them, even though you don't?

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