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People Shared Company Secrets They're Not Supposed To Know, And I'm Shouting It From The Mountaintops

Please monitor what you watch on your company's computers, y'all.

So, if y'all don't know me by now, I'm Jamé, and I LOVEEE a good gossip moment. Nothing too wild, but just enough for me to shake my head and say, "Whew, child." Well, I was frolicking through Google the other day, minding my business, when a Reddit thread from the heavens popped up on my screen.

Reddit user TinMan11111 had asked, "What do you know about your workplace that you are not supposed to know?" and y'all. These. Are. Juicy. Fruit. Juicy. Here's a few of my favorite ones:

1. This IT person who sees everythinggg:

"We know what people use their laptops for, and what kinds of sick porn you guys watch. Some users download and stream it. We can see what's hogging the network bandwidth!"


2. Ohhhhh, this manager who sent out everyone's pay rate:

"At a previous job, we had an HR manager get fired right after returning from maternity leave. She was replaced by the guy that she trained to fill in for her while she was gone. She sent a company-wide email with the everyone's pay rate, from the plant manager on down. It was a shitshow. A lot of pay rates were wildly different in management/supervision and maintenance. There were talks of work strikes and slowdowns, even threats of unionizing. I believe that this one act lead to the eventual closure of the plant. It was a crazy time."


3. And this manager who walked away when HER manager tried to play her:

"A friend of mine worked for a video coding/editing company. Their financial person went on a long honeymoon with her time off, so she trained someone in the essentials to keep the business going while she was gone. Boss hangs around trainee while financial person is away, thinks that this is 100% all the financial person does. She returns with an offer for a 20% pay cut due to her limited role and the boss says he'll replace her with trainee if she refuses. Financial person laughs it off and easily gets another job with her degree in accounting. Trainee is quickly over her head with past dues/billing/payroll. Company goes out of business a year later."


4. This person who found out there was a thief in the office (wait for the kicker):

"Someone has been stealing things from everyone's desks in our office. I set up a teddy cam on someone's desk (with their permission) to find out who was doing it. Turns out it's the owner of the company."


5. This person who could've pulled off the greatest heist of all time but decided not to:

"By jumping from department to department over the years at my old job, I knew a combination of things that no one person was supposed to know. I knew alarm codes, vault combinations, locations of keys, passwords, schedules, location and functionality of cameras and security systems. Led to a lot of idle daydreaming on bad days of things I could, but never would, do."


6. And this person who tried and failed:

"One of our guys took a work van to rob a bank. He got arrested, and after five years of 'working somewhere else' he came back to work for us."


7. This person seeking a Wolf of Wall Street lifestyle:

"At my 'zero drug tolerance' workplace, the CEOs, executive assistant, and the head of HR do coke on weekends together. So I know when they’re not going out that weekend there’ll be a workplace drug test at the end of the next week."


8. This boss's juicy love affair:

"My boss was/is sleeping with the HR head and they're both married, but not to each other."


9. This boss who faked it till she made it (kinda):

"Not my current job, but when I worked in logistics, my boss, head of outbound operations, didn't have a high school diploma and the job required a college degree. She lied on her resume to get the job."


10. This chef who has a terrifying secret for all the vegans:

"I'm a cook for one of the food courts at a major university, and we have a food section that is run by a very well-known franchise restaurant that serves burgers, pancakes, wraps, and milkshakes. We found out recently that the veggie burger that we were told were 100% vegetarian and had been advertised as such has beef broth."


11. This educational whistleblower:

"I work in education. My former chairman allowed a female employee to embezzle money from the school. I found out and blew the whistle. I assumed the woman would be fired and the chair would be demoted. Instead, the woman was asked to quit and given a package, and the chair stayed in his position because of his status as a coach. He proceeded to make my job very difficult for the next five years until he gave up the chairmanship to someone competent. The woman was his work wife and mistress, who also used to be his student, at our school."


12. This GENIUS who is rollin' in dough:

"There's a guy that clocks in for overtime every weekend and then drives home. He's making an extra 60 grand a year doing this."


13. This sweet, innocent high schooler who has some REAL tea:

"I'm in high school, but I know the baseball coach sells Percocet. Thankfully the guy does not sell to kids. I only know about this because I live in a tight-knit community and my mom dated someone in his 'gang' of middle-aged dads selling drugs in my small town. The guy actually doesn't teach at my school, he teaches gym at the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and he tried to break into my house while I was one of his students. He tried to break in because my mom broke up with the guy I mentioned before. I'm probably not wrong for assuming that's why I got treated like shit in his class."


14. This...well, just read it:

"Not employed there anymore, but I knew my boss made videos of himself in his office chair, fully nude, shooting baby batter all over himself. How? He accidentally uploaded one into an FTP folder I was using for an ongoing shared project."


15. And lastly, this CEO who really had people flown out:

"My CEO flew a bunch of his friends from Europe to the US for Coachella, on my company's tab. Tons of people in my company are underpaid and are fighting paycheck to paycheck."


What juicy secrets do y'all know? Let me know in the comments!

Also, no matter how hot the tea is, please don't attempt any of these things at your workplace. Don't say I ain't warn you!