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    13 "Overheard" Convos That Are So Funny, You'll Wish You Had Been There

    "There's no pacific reason he cheated."


    Overheard a hippie pretty waitress in a bar in Montana wistfully say to a coworker, “I’m saving my money to buy a ticket to... somewhere.” I’ve never felt more like I’m in one of those movies where characters suddenly realize they are characters in a movie.


    Overheard at Rare first thing on a Monday morning: "Do you eat or drink a slushie? They come in a cup but it's like Pot Noodles - you do a bit of both with those as well. I'm going to have to go and observe some people getting a slushie. Anyway, good morning, how are you?"


    just overheard a guy in an argument saying “there’s no pacific reason he cheated”. and i couldn’t help but chime in and ask if here might be an “altlantic” reason.


    Overheard at JFK (imagine heavy Long Island accents): Him: I want something sweet Her: Why don’t you get one of these muffins? They’re as big as your head Him: The only muffin I want, I’ve already eaten They both laugh really really hard. ❤️


    Overheard, @QuinceMountain at the front door with the puppy: “In or out? In or out? What are you, a cat?”


    #Overheard Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly


    Overheard on subway: ‘To cancel the national debt, the govt could do the impeachment trial on pay per view’


    18 months ago, I overheard someone say, “I like a Coors Light with olives in it. It’s a ‘South Dakota Martini.’” I still think about that.


    Overheard on set “I love farting and I love smelling my own farts and it’s good for you to do that”


    Overheard from passersby: Person 1: "What is that shop there?" Person 2: "A bookshop" P1: "What do they sell?" P2: "Books" P1: "What... *just* books?" P2: "Yeah, just books" P1: "Do they sell ice-cream?" P2: "No" P1: "Bit stupid in the summer not to" #BookshopLife


    i just overheard something terrible, which was a man saying to a woman ‘my buddy...i mean, my girlfriend...yikes, no, my WIFE’


    'Remove your panty and wipe his face with it while he is asleep, he will never leave you'. I overheard a lady advising her friend. Does it really work?🤔


    This morning i overheard a guy telling a lady "baby i love your blood cells". I was like wooh, i need to up my game. I can't love only her body. I need to love her backbone, her enzymes, her muscles, tear duct, even her salivary glands deserve loving.