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Kim Kardashian's Latest Magazine Cover Has The Internet Wondering If This Is Blackface

I have no words at this point.

Kim Kardashian has, once again, stressed my edges out.

On Thursday, she went to Twitter to show her recent magazine cover with 7Hollywood magazine and, well, there seems to be an issue here.

Wearing Mugler Private Archives for @7hollywood_mag. ✨✨✨ WHAT A DREAM ✨✨✨ Art Direction by @manfredthierrymugler. Photographed by @alixmalka Styled by @maryammalakpour Make Up @makeupbymario Hair @peter.savic

Somehow Kim went from this...

...to THIS for her cover.

The good Twitter family all had to stop and ask ourselves the one question we were all thinking: THAT'S Kim?

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter That's kim?

People are confused because they did not think that was Kim Kardashian, but rather a black woman.

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter thought this was a black women until i saw her name on it uh....

With bronzed skin, chiseled features, and a bold wig, some thought the cover was giving RuPaul vibes:

@kkwstyle2017 @KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter Giving me RuPaul vibes!!

I actually thought it was a photo of Diahann Carroll, or someone giving her reverence.

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter You channeling Diane Carroll

People have different things they thought the media mogul looked like:

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter You look like you’re about to tell Effie that “It’s all over”!!!

More importantly, however, was the fact a lot of people had concerns as to why Kim's skin looks significantly darker in her cover.

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter why you looking so black? huh

Even though the picture can appear very old Hollywood, many accused Kim of being in blackface:

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter GIRL WHAT IN THE BLACKFACE FUCK IS THIS??? I’M SO SICK OF YEWWW

As well as blackfishing, which is “an act commonly perpetrated by white women to appear of African or Arab ancestry."

@KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter Kim I love you but the black fishing isn’t it 🥺

In fact, Wanna Thompson, a culture critic who helped originate the term 'blackfish', noted that this will continue to happen as long as they know "outrage sells."

The thing with Kim Kardashian and her family’s tireless history of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing is that she knows better. They know better. But they continue to do this because they know outrage sells. They’re able to keep their name relevant by doing things like THIS. https://t.co/rIE1fuYUXH

There are a lot of things that seem to need explaining in 2019, maybe 2020 will be better:

@ShackSabrina @holyterrrain @KimKardashian @7Hollywood_Mag @alixmalka @MakeupByMario @peter Why does this need explaining to you in 2019

A source allegedly close to Kim has responded to the backlash, saying to Page Six that "it's the lighting that makes her look darker in this specific image. "There are multiple covers and images from this shoot where the lighting looks more natural. People are so quick to find the negative in everything and also often forget that she is of Armenian descent."

What do you think of the cover?