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    Updated on Oct 5, 2019. Posted on Oct 4, 2019

    18 Tweets About Being A VSCO Girl If You Still Don't Know What A VSCO Girl Is

    All I know about a VSCO girl is "Sksksk"...which IDEK what it sounds like.


    im about to out myself as a vsco girl but... i lost my hydro flask i’ve had for three years and i’m... distraught. 😫



    what’s a vsco girls favourite crisp? skskskips


    Narrator: he was a country boy, madly in love Boy: you know I’m crazy ‘bout you Narrator: the only problem- *record scratch* -She was a vsco girl Girl: sksksksks tea [Old Town Roads starts playing] Narrator: don’t miss the rom com of the summer She’s Just Not Fila-ing It


    Today I brought my new Hydro Flask to work and heard a bunch of the 4th graders giggling saying that I’m a ‘Vsco Girl’ so I looked it up and this is what I found.... 🥴



    The hardest part about being a VSCO girl is getting rocks in your Birkenstock’s :/ It stabs my foot and I’m like “sksksksks😔”


    My husband: haha VSCO girls are so stupid Me: *deleting my VSCO app, getting rid of my hydro flask, scrunchies, and oversized shirts* haha yeah SOOOO DUMB


    one time I touched a vsco girls hydroflask so she ferociously sksksksk’d at me until I fled in fear


    vsco girls who dont use scrunchies are valid vsco girls who say “asdfjkl” instead of “ksksksks” are valid vsco girls who have Nalgene bottles instead of hydroflasks are valid vsco girls who rush sororities other that kappa alpha theta are valid 👏🏽VSCO👏🏽GIRLS👏🏽ARE👏🏽👏🏽VALID


    you think your life is hard? i’m a vsco girl who had vsco ~before~ it was cool 😔


    Yes I wear chunky filas. Yes I vape. Yes I am an vsco girl. Yes I am an eboy. Yes I have the tea. No im not like your locals. Yes I have mento illness. Yes I like frank ocean. No I am not like other girls. Yes I have done crack, only Once. Yes I have a premium snap, & no you cant


    he was a e-boy she was a vsco girl,, can I make it any more obvious?


    totally forgot that two years ago vsco stopped being only an editing app and became a social app i thought y’all were calling vsco girls any girl that used filters. the world makes so much sense now


    most oppressed minorities in america: 1.tall girls 2.vsco girls 3.



    [30 years from now when vsco girls and stan twitter have taken over] doctor: sksksksks your mom is cancelled the tumor on her left lung said “periodt” and that’s the tea me: *sadly* and I oop


    no offense but why are people mad abt vsco girls and e-girls and whatever when we should all be focusing on the real problem.... Men

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