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Halloween Nail Designs That Will Put The "Fright" In "Fright Night"

Your nails can be scary and still slay!

You probably have your makeup and your costume ready for Halloween, but what about your nails, sis? Here are spooky nail designs you can do in less than 10 minutes:

1. Achieve a slippery slime with a deep purple nail polish and a neon green detail.

2. If simple and polished is more your speed, achieve an effortless mani with an orange mani with black stitching. Don't forget your top coat!

3. What's spookier than a scary cat? Paint half a cat on one nail and a puuuuuuuurfect tail on another.

4. Honestly you can put all eyes on someone with this cute eye design...

5. ...Or put a bit more fright into fright night with this chilling view.

6. Go for a Beetlejuice-inspired look with black-and-white pinstripes...

7. ...Or a green chrome to mirror the living dead.

8. Or actually be a living monster with a Frankenstein design.

9. Or maybe you just want a signature nail and can go for a ghost on one hand and some spider webs on another to lure people in.

10. Capture this ghost by drawing a scary face on a white nail polish. Don't worry if you don't have a steady hand, ghosts aren't perfect!

11. Pull off A Nightmare Before Christmas with some spider webs, polka dots, and a few scary stitches.

12. Go for glam with a matte black nail lacquer and some stealthy green eyes — oh, and some encrusted jewels for a bit of bling!

13. Take flight with some winged bats and a glittery top coat.

14. Who says every nail has to be the same? Bask in some bloody red nails, a seducing spider web, a bit of chrome, and of course, some eyes for good measure.

15. Scare people with your pumpkin-inspired nails with an orange base and some sketched black designs.

16. When in doubt, do a bit of colorblocking for the tastiest candy corn around town.

17. Dark and brooding on Hallows Eve, draw and sketch your favorite mystical signs for a sinister touch.

18. A few moons, spider webs, and trees is all you need for an eerie chill.

19. Adding this in for those who want to PAWP OUT for Halloween — with an angled brush, you can achieve your wildest (and scariest) dreams right on your nails.

20. And lastly, if you have a bit more expertise, try your hand at a detailed sketch for the ultimate scare (and slay)!