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GQ Said Bootcut Jeans Are Back In Fashion And Twitter Gave The Best Clapbacks Of 2018

I'll stick to my skinny jeans for a bit longer, GQ.

Trends come and go, and it seems GQ Magazine told Twitter that thanks to Balenciaga, boot-cut jeans may be making a comeback. Y'all DO remember boot-cut jeans, right?

Bootcut jeans are making a comeback

Of ALL the fashion brands, Balenciaga — one of the flyest and most well-known labels at the moment — decided to put boot-cut denim in their spring lookbook. Now the whole world is asking if this is really happening. Are we welcoming boot-cut jeans back into our lives?

People on Twitter weren't having it. AT ALL.

our society is crumbling.

@OsitaNwanevu told everyone to take political action and I actually LOL'd:

Call your Senators.

@Mellentuck wanted to know the conspirator behind the tweet, and honestly, I do too because I have questions:

did a bootcut jean tweet this

@MikeDelMoro used the moment to shamelessly plug Ariana Grande:

Others, like @AmyHockert even pointed out the model's look of disdain and I screenshot it for all my friends because that is HILARIOUS:

This dude's face says it all.

I wasn't the only one wondering if this look ever WAS truly in style:

This wasn't a good look in 2002. It's not a good look now.

Twitter folks were so mad, they started quoting scripture and this is when I logged out from laughing so hard I almost peed myself:

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

While few in numbers, some people said boot-cut never went out of style:

@JoelleMonique Whaaaa? I never got rid of mine! Never loved skinny jeans.

And at the end of the day, we learned that boot-cut never left Texas and Texas never left boot-cut:

@AmyHockert In Texas they've never been out.

  1. Do y'all think bootcut jeans need to come back?

    Do y'all think bootcut jeans need to come back?

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Do y'all think bootcut jeans need to come back?
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