People Are Sharing Conspiracy Theories They Think Are True And, I Won't Lie, Some Of These Have Me Shook

    Going down this rabbit hole of information overload.

    Have you ever come across a conspiracy theory that just sounded so out of this world, you couldn't stop thinking about it? If you're like me, you love bingeing on conspiracy drama because you're either a masochist or really into what others think.

    So when Redditor @Prometheus_Turati asked, "What conspiracy theories do you think are too logical to ignore?", I was excited to see what the masses are saying. Here are some pretty 🙃 theories:

    1. Google Maps:

    "Google Maps only asks you for feedback on its navigation when it knows it did a good job.

    I use navigation all the time, and I find that when it gets me to the destination on time or earlier than predicted, I get a notification asking to rate the trip. But if it gets me there after it originally estimated, I never get that notification."


    2. The first man in space:

    "The Lost Cosmonaut's Conspiracy. It's unlikely but it seems like it could have been possible. It boils down to the idea that Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man in space. He was just the first man in space to survive the entire process."


    3. Mattress stores:

    "Mattress stores are places that serve as drug cartels or money-laundering companies. We talk about this at work all the time. There’s an area that has three of them within about five miles of one another. Who are all these people buying mattresses so frequently that you need three stores to keep up with the sales?"


    4. Coca-Cola:

    "New Coke was a way for Coca-Cola to switch from real sugar to corn syrup without people noticing.

    Switch to the new formula that everyone hates, keep it for a while so that people demand the old one back, then switch it back after enough time has passed that people wouldn't notice the relatively subtle change."


    5. Area 51:

    "Nothing's actually happening in Area 51. The government just keeps it so people will focus on it and ignore the shady stuff happening somewhere else. The alien conspiracy theories have only fueled movies and TV shows. That's it."


    6. Pockets:

    "The fashion industry makes too much money from purses to care about making pockets for women."


    7. Walt Disney:

    "The reason Disney came out with the movie Frozen was so that when you googled 'Disney frozen' you would get information about the movie and not websites talking about Walt Disney's body being frozen. The same goes for 'Disney on Ice.'"


    8. Michael Jackson:

    "Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson are Michael Jackson's actual parents. That's why he was the talent in the Jackson family and why there were rumors that he was Evan Ross's father (they both look like Diana). Smokey would've been 18 and Diana 14 years old when Michael was born, so Berry Gordy arranged to have the kid given to his old boxing buddy and fellow musician from Chicago, Joe Jackson. Joe had a big family where Michael would get everything he needed while training him to be an entertainer, and Motown could protect their image by taking the child out of the picture."


    9. Incredibly expensive art pieces:

    "Pretty sure I saw it on Reddit at one point. But someone brought up the art trade. That these million-dollar art shows/individual pieces that go for insanely high prices are just a way for money laundering and tax write-offs for the wealthy."


    10. Nutley, New Jersey:

    "In Nutley, New Jersey, where Martha Stewart was born, there is a butcher shop on every other corner. How much meat does one small blue-collar town need? Suspicious if I do say so myself."


    11. The chickens:

    "The idea that there are too many chicken wings for the number of chickens sold. There is something like a billion chicken wings sold every Super Bowl — where are they coming from?!"


    12. And lastly, the Denver airport:

    "The Denver Airport (DIA) theory. I mean the capstone of the building literally has the Freemason logo on it, there are weird-ass apocalypse murals on the walls, the runways look like a swastika, and there’s a 50-foot-tall horse statue with red glowing eyes. There are a lot of theories on who built and created this airport full of tunnels, secret societies, and hidden clues."