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Updated on Feb 21, 2020. Posted on Feb 21, 2020

These Black Makeup Artists Are Ensuring That Black Hollywood Has The Guaranteed Right Shade

While it should be mandatory for all makeup artists to be well-versed in multiple skin types, there is still a need for Black makeup artist exposure.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

Although the red carpet is slowly growing to be more inclusive every year, there is still a tremendous gap in the availability of makeup artists equipped to work on Black and brown skin.

Michel Dufour / WireImage

Thankfully, there is a growing roster of Black celebrity makeup artists who are not only for Black Hollywood, but are using their platforms to educate and inspire the next generation of beauty lovers. Here are a few names you should know:

Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

"The legacy I want to leave behind is to inspire artists, especially Black artists, that you can come from nothing and truly step foot into rooms you only dreamt of," celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore told BuzzFeed. "I also want artists to be able to say 'Keita Moore (otherwise known as Kilprity) did it; so can I.'"

Black History Month is here, but the reality is I celebrate and champion Blackness every day in my work. However, I wanted to shine a special light on some of the fashion and beauty industry's movers and shakers ESPECIALLY through this month.

1. Danessa Myricks

2. Keanda (Keys) Rebelle

3. AJ Crimson

4. Keita Moore

5. Porsche Panache

6. Sir John

7. Amber Amos

8. Fatima Thomas

9. Mali Thomas

10. Ashley Rudder

11. Nicky Posley

12. Lola Okanlawon

13. Pat McGrath

14. Yolonda Frederick