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Twitter Wants To Know If Balenciaga Stole Joey Tribbiani's Jacket From "Friends"

The high-fashion brand's just gave us a layered oversized parka and Twitter thinks it's a direct copy of Joey when he raided Chandler's entire wardrobe.

Balenciaga came out with a $9,000 seven-layer coat as part of the label's autumn/winter collection. According to Matches Fashion, it's made of "plaid shirts, jersey hoodies, and technical fleeces, featuring cuffed sleeves, two front patch pockets, a drawstring hood and a coordinating hem."

Balenciaga's $9,000 coat is pretty much a bunch of jackets on top of each other https://t.co/6PuqSie8Nc

People on Twitter immediately thought of Joey Tribbiani's coat from an episode of Friends, and the side-by-side comparisons commenced.

Balenciaga’s inspiration for their new $8000 coat...

Ah yes, the episode where Joey put on Chandler's entire wardrobe, and came out with this masterpiece.

Some were confused when they realized that this was NOT Joey, and that it WAS a $9,000 Balenciaga jacket.

is this joey tribbiani https://t.co/NQvwJfUij7

Fashion is cyclical, and @DxMatilla noted that Joey was "frickin' ahead of his time."

@BALENCIAGA just released a 7-layer jacket eh? Joey Tribiani was frickin ahead of his time

And this twitter user pointed out that this is easily remakeable at your local thrift store.

@mashable Head to your local thrift store and recreate this look for less than $100

What do you guys think? Is this a plain knockoff or is it fashionable?