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    14 Tweets That Prove Going Back To Work After The Holidays Is The Ultimate Struggle

    But seriously, what day is it?

    Everyone knows that there's a hazy time after the holidays where we're all just like, "What's going on here?" People on Twitter started sharing just how hard it's been for them to return to work after such a long break, and these are about as real as it gets:


    1. Literally me as I am typing:

    Entire holiday season vs. the first day #backtowork 😴

    2. *Sigh* the fact we have to do work sucks:

    *takes deep breath* Today ... today I will be turning on ... *gulps* ... the laptop. #backtowork

    3. I tried logging into my computer three times this morning:

    Can anyone still remember what is they actually do? Or their work password? #backtowork

    4. Pets are probably freakin' out because we had to actually put clothes on today:

    Ok people #backtowork you go. Cats...just carry on lounging around as usual.

    5. Going back to work really happens in stages:

    6. Stop falling asleep at your desk:

    Me at my desk right now 😴🥱😫 #backtowork

    7. Considering our sleep patterns are completely messed up, I guess I can't blame you:

    I had such grand ambitions for today, but my sleep schedule is a mess from the holidays. Today's ambitions will be brought to you by lots and lots of coffee. #backtowork

    8. The only convos some of us are having today:

    POPULAR CONVERSATIONS TODAY "Have you forgotten your password?" "Yes." "Have you forgotten how to your job?" "Yes." "Have you forgotten everyone's name?" "Who are you again?" #BackToWork

    9. Trying to remember what my job actually is again:

    Me trying to figure out what I actually do at work after two weeks off #backtowork

    10. I know this was most of us Jan. 1:

    Sorry I'm late for my first day back at work. I got up on time, had a shower and then accidentally sat down on my bed and stared into space for 30 minutes. #backtowork

    11. I guess we'll just play bingo to determine what convos we can actually have for the next few days:

    Happy back to work day 😐 #backtowork #newyear

    12. Some of y'all wrote poetry to express your woes:

    Here’s a poem for all those going #backtowork today. It’s called ‘New Year Office Chit-chat’.

    13. But seriously, what day is it?

    14. And lastly, this annoying learned behavior that's going to take forever to break:

    I’ve already written 2019 in 3 emails and spent the last 20 minutes wondering why my calendar for Monday was so empty. Fab. #backtowork

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