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    Literally Just 23 Job Interview Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe Then Laugh Out Loud


    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the wildest things that have happened to them on a job interview. Here are some of the *interesting* responses:

    1. The faker:


    "I listened to my mom who said, 'No place takes the time to call your references when you are applying for a position that's less than part-time.' I put made-up people with fake phone numbers on my application because all I needed was a third job for a few hours a week. I was sitting in a call center, waiting for my interview, and a lady sitting at a near desk was on the phone and said, 'Hello, this is ____ calling from ____. _____ listed you as a reference on a job application with us....' I literally got up and ran away." —carrieleighl2

    2. The murder case:

    "One time I was interviewing someone, and the entire interview was a flop. I decided not to hire him, and a couple of weeks later, I get a phone call from someone who was asking about this guy, thinking he had been hired. I told them that he hadn't been hired and he didn't work there. They then asked me 'Would it be possible for you to describe him to the police?' Turns out he was a person of interest in a murder case. So yeah, I was face to face with a possible murderer."


    3. The drug terror:

    "I had an older cousin who worked at a temp agency when I was in college, and he offered to help get my friend and me a job. We arrived to our interviews on time and he offered to do our interviews and drug screens together. I passed mine but apparently my friend had been partying all night. I have never seen a 12-panel drug screen with EVERY PANEL MARKED. It immediately went from a job interview to an intervention." —jamiekj

    4. The Halloween moment:

    "My dad told me he went to an interview on Halloween once, and the HR woman was dressed as a scuba diver with a fishbowl as a helmet. Every time she spoke she was muffled behind this glass bowl." —caitlinm18

    5. The bloody mess:

    United Artists

    "I had two interviews in one afternoon, and the first one ran over. As I was rushing down a brick sidewalk (in heels), I tripped and fell forward onto the ground, ripping my pantyhose and scraping my hands and knees really badly. I had to walk into the second interview with blood dripping down my legs and hands, and ask if they had a first aid kit. I sat through the interview trying not to cry from pain and embarrassment. I did end up getting an offer, but I turned it down because I was too embarrassed to go back." —beccawoodwardt

    6. The unemployment question:

    "I had an interview that took over two hours. They had already given me the keys to the store and when we were about to sign the contract, they asked me how long I had been unemployed — I had been unemployed a couple months. They said they had some weird rule that they only hire people who have been unemployed for at least two years. I didn't get the job because of that." —prinnicalistic

    7. The asthma attack:

    "I got an asthma attack during a Skype interview and the interviewer just sat there while I was coughing." —j4196d1521

    8. The blazer tag:

    "I drove two hours for a series of interviews with a company that I wasn't quite sure about working for. The interviews went great and we finished after almost four hours. I left and later realized the tag on my blazer was still attached the entire time." —dsavage05

    9. The talker:

    "I was on an interview where the guy kept taking phone calls and eating his lunch during our meeting." —alishal4865c7548

    10. The sick day:


    "I had done several very long tests for a job with a company in NYC and they wanted to fly me up for a final interview. I got incredibly carsick on the drive from the airport to the company's offices and barely managed to not vomit. By the time I arrived, I could barely stand up straight and was totally delirious. One of them said I didn't seem smart enough to have done so well on the technical tests they'd given me, and accused me of having someone else do them on my behalf. They insisted I do another one, and I felt like death thrice warmed over. I started writing code and burst into tears, and they kicked me out of the building."


    11. The au pair incident:

    "I had decided to become an au pair in the Netherlands or Germany. I did an interview by video call with one family and it went crazy. The man tried to change my vegetarian diet and said veggies and vegan food were not allowed in his home. We talked about my duties as an au pair (taking care of the kids and the house) and he told me I had to work for him in his own business. He wanted me to go to shops and find good clothes so he could sell them online. He even said I was not going to be paid for this work. I hung up the video call." —juditllp

    12. The makeup artist:

    "An older woman managing a beauty store told me that being a perfectionist was rare for a millennial. On the floor test, she asked me to apply bronzer to a pale white employee, and when I couldn’t find a bronzer light enough for the employee, she said, 'You need to work on applying makeup to people with light skin.' They ended up not hiring me because I wouldn’t give up my part-time job and give them 100% availability."


    13. The farter:

    "I got recruited by a founder of a popular travel app who had just founded a new tech company. The entire interview consisted of him interrupting me (34 times, I counted) and farting LOUDLY (7 times, also counted)."


    14. The poop incident:

    "Made the mistake of eating spicy food before an interview. I barely made it off public transportation, and I had explosive diarrhea in the bathroom of the business next door to where I was interviewing. The manager interviewing me was running late, and I thought for sure I’d poop again. I was so nervous and sweaty during the interview, anticipating the next poop, and it was the most intense interview I ever had."


    15. The water fountain:


    "I was feeling sick that morning when I woke up, but I decided to ignore it. While in the interview, I immediately felt vomit come up. I ran to the drinking fountain and threw up lots of red vomit in the drinking fountain ( I ate red vines earlier that day). I tried to clean it up and then went home to get some rest. I never got a call back."


    16. The escalator fall:

    "I fell on the escalator on my way to the interview and cut my knee. I didn't think it was a big deal, but it hurt so much I eventually asked for a band-aid. I pulled up my pant leg and there was blood everywhere. The cut was really deep and I was bleeding so much that it was dripping into my shoe — we had to wrap my whole knee in gauze. They also tried to take me to the hospital, but I refused to leave the interview."


    17. The awkward location:

    "I once interviewed for a prominent and very well established jewelry store. I walked into the store thinking that was where the interview would be, only to have my interview held in a McDonald’s inside of a Walmart next door."


    18. The Googler:

    "A friend of mine was being interviewed by an employee, and they Googled 'basic interview questions' right in front of her. Basically my friend called BS and left."


    19. The salesman:

    "I was asked to come back for a second interview where they would explain what my day-to-day would be like, and they told me to block out my whole day. I didn’t know what to expect, and all I was told about this job were the perks and that I’d be able to see how they meet with clients. Come to find out, they were taking me out with them on DOOR TO DOOR SALES calls, going through neighborhoods and asking people if they want to upgrade their TV services. After six hours following them through neighborhoods, we finally headed back to the office and we got into a car accident on the way home. Now I have whiplash, sore feet, and I’m stranded even longer during the worst interview of my life."


    20. The interview ( but actual *hazing*) :


    "I went in for a group interview and was told to be at the store at 6:00 A.M. When I got there, the store was closed and a sign on the door read that it opened at 6:30. I thought that maybe the manager gave me the wrong time, but five other people had shown up as well. We got into the store and were told that the manager would be in at 7:00. We waited and waited until she came in at 9:00, but she didn't even acknowledge us until 11:00. By 4:00 P.M, two people, including myself, were still waiting. At 7:00 P.M, the manager came over and said, 'This was a test to see if you really wanted the job!' We had waited for 13 hours. Sure enough, it was a toxic environment and the worst job I have ever had."


    21. The "Umm":

    "I was interviewing someone and I asked a series of normal situational questions for a customer service position. I asked her to tell me about a time she went above and beyond for a customer — she spent two minutes saying 'umm' extremely loud, then said 'nope,' and eventually said 'pass,' so I decided to wrap up the interview. I asked her if she had any questions or comments for me and she said, 'Well, I want to come clean. I lied about my experience earlier but I think I would be a great fit for this position.' I called her the following day to let her know we had filled the position. She proceeded to have a meltdown on the phone saying that she thought we had a great interaction and she really thought she had the job."


    22. The boob gazer:

    "I was the one interviewing, along with a member of senior management. The guy walked in and as soon as he sat down, he began staring at my breasts. I wasn’t wearing anything revealing, and even when the other manager asked him questions, he always went back to staring at my chest. I think it was more awkward for me than anyone else."


    23. And lastly, the Panera run:


    "I arrived and was asked if I could go grab lunch for someone while I waited for the doctor to be done with his appointment (I was interviewing at a chiropractor office). I was given the most complicated salad order and was sent off to Panera with $20. I got back and ended up meeting with a department director, not the doctor. When leaving the interview, I saw another girl returning with a Panera bakery bag. Never got a call back."


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    The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.