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Tell Us Your Wildest Job Interview Stories

We've all had an awkward moment or two.

The day of a job interview, anything that can go wrong usually does. In hindsight, you may find the experience hilarious or even a teachable moment, but in THAT moment? HELL nah!

Maybe you spilled your entire cup of coffee on your interviewer as you reached out to shake their hand.

Maybe you sat through a two-hour interview for a job that required eight years of experience, only to find out that the pay was $8 an hour with no benefits.

Perhaps you leaned over to pick up your briefcase and ripped your pants (or skirt) in front of eeeveryone.

Or the interviewer made an inappropriate remark that was def. an HR violation.

Whatever your wildest story is, we want to know! Share your wild job interview story via the DropBox below — give us all the juicy details! You just might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!