26 Reasons You Are STILL A 90s Kid…And Always Will Be

Here are 26 reason why you are STILL a 90s kid, even if you are almost 30, and why you will always be a 90s kid. Cuz you know you still do all these things.

1. 1. You still know all the lyrics to If You’re Gone by Matchbox Twenty

2. 2. …And Drops of Jupiter by Train

3. 3. The Goonies is still your favorite movie.

and maybe you still do the Truffle Shuffle.

4. 4. Britney Spears has still never looked hotter than she did in her “Oops!…I did it Again” red suit

5. 5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is still your favorite Harry Potter movie.

6. 6. You still have Shrek on VHS…

7. 7. …And Spy Kids

8. 8. You get just as excited watching Back to the Future II today as you did when you were 7.

…and you still want a hoverboard, even though its almost 2015 and they still don’t exist!

9. 9. You still rock out to “My Way” by Limp Bizkit

and every other song on Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water.

10. 10. You still remember the last episodes of “Friends” and still cry when you think of the final scene.

“Could you BE anymore 90s?” - Chandler

11. 11. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is still the best computer animated sci-fi kids movie about a genius boy ever made.

12. 12. You still take notes with a pen and paper instead on a laptop/smartphone/tablet.

13. 13. You still miss Looney Toons and know today’s reruns just aren’t the same as when they aired for the first time.

Family Guy will never beat Daffy Duck, Bugs, and The Jetsons!

14. 14. You still remember the first 3D movies and when the glasses came in red and blue.

15. 15. You still remember laughing at the first episode of The Simpsons

16. 16. ….and being on the edge of your seat for the first episode of 24.

Boop. Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Beep.

17. 17. …and screaming during the last episode of X-files.

18. 18. You still remember when schools had chalkboards, not smartboards.

And possibly still have chalk embedded in your fingertips.

19. 19. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is still the best Disney Cartoon.

20. 20. …and you still cry at the beginning of Bambi.

21. 21. You’re still upset that your parents wouldn’t let you watch the first episode of Married With Children.

22. 22. You still remember when record stores sold cassettes instead of CDs.

23. 23. You still own a hula-hoop.

24. 24. …and a Pet-Rock

(Which you probably named Vin Diesel…or…The Rock)

25. 25. You still think leg warmers were the coolest fashion trend ever.

26. 26. Sometimes you just want to dress up like Madonna in this awesome photo.

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