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    The Only 3 Resources You Need To Draft Your Fantasy Football Team

    The BuzzFeed Data Team's official recommendations.

    Don't Butt Fumble Your Season Away.

    You've got internet access, right? So you have no excuse for drafting an injured player, taking a guy too early, or passing up on a steal that fell right into your lap. And, while the internet is a large and chaotic place, there are actually only three things you really need to know to keep on top of a draft. Here they are.

    1. Know Who's Going To Play

    FootballGuys keep tabs on each team's depth chart. They update daily with injuries, trades, and position battle progress. Don't miss it when some undrafted rookie gets promoted to the starting lineup.

    2. Know How They're Expected To Score In Your League.

    NumberFire will show you how your league's rosters, scoring, and size impact the value of different positions and players. Simply enter in the rules and settings for your league, and you get a detailed cheat sheet for your draft, with the best projected players available both overall and at a specific position. Also useful: the site's "risk" indication, which tells you how confident they are in their prediction.

    3. Know When To Draft Them.

    FantasyFootballCalculator's tool predicts draft scenarios based on average draft position data, compiled from over a thousand mock drafts. Enter your league format and size, and it'll give you the statistical odds of each player being available at any given draft pick.

    For example, the picture below shows who might be available at the fifth pick of the first round. If there's a low probability player available at one of your picks, you want to scoop him up fast (after you make sure he didn't just get hurt). It's also a good idea to look ahead to see what players might still be there for your next pick — maybe a QB can wait.

    And Don't Feel Bad About Adding Some Flair If You Feel Like It.

    Go ahead. Be yourself. Interpret all this information in the way you see fit. If you really just want your hometown hero, you shouldn't let anything or anyone stop you — although the information above should help you figure out the best time to do it.

    Good luck!