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27 Times People Hilariously Used Quotation Marks Incorrectly

Please use your "finger" to press or sign.

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1. It's ~perfectly~ aged.

2. I can't believe it's not sugar.

Melissa / Via

3. This section has only gluten.

Mandana / Via

4. I'll have a burrito with just cheese, please.

5. Dogs only.

wavking / Via

6. Can't wait to crack open a "cold" one with the boys.

Iesuco / Via

7. Go ahead and park all day.

Anthony / Via

8. "Paying customers only."

9. Don't eat the salmon.

10. This place was founded sometime around 1947.

Jamie / Via

11. Dachshunds.

Kimberly / Via

12. Bike at your own risk.

13. It's almost Dutch.

David / Via

14. Off-brand Mexican food.

15. So it's still on?

16. So what noise is it making?

Brian / Via

17. So what are they?

18. It's an approximate start time.

Julianne / Via

19. Working just like the ice cream machine.

Vanessa / Via

20. Honestly, those look like napkins anyway.

Katherine / Via

21. So what should I use? Hmmm?

22. Did Demi make this sign?

23. OK, nope.

24. Don't worry, I think you're beautiful!

25. I'm glad it'll be fixed by tomorrow.

26. Literally the only accurate one.

27. And everything here, lol.