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    This Mashup Of "LWYMMD" And "High School Musical" Is Just Brilliant

    You can bet on Taylor Swift.

    It's been a week since Taylor Swift made 2017 slightly more bearable by dropping the single "Look What You Made Me Do."

    Big Machine Records

    And no matter what all the haters say, the song is MOST DEFINITELY a bop.

    Big Machine Records

    Now you may be wondering, "What could possibly make this song any better?"


    Well, today is your lucky day, because we have a mashup of "LWYMMD" and "Bet On It" from High School Musical 2.

    The mashup was made by Jon Cozart and it's genius.

    Where's troy bolton's CREDIT @taylorswift13!??

    It combines Taylor Swift with one of the most epic musical numbers in movie history.

    Disney Channel

    Not only do the two songs fit melodically, but they both nail the "I'm back on my bullshit" vibe.

    Big Machine Records, Disney Channel

    Troy Bolton is shoOK.

    Disney Channel

    Gotta go rewatch the HSM series now, bye!

    Disney Channel

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