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    23 Thoughts That Only Come From A High Brain

    Do teeth have taste?

    1. This changes the game in the service industry.

    Tumblr / @paulwelsey

    2. October 20, 2031 — mark your calendars now!

    u/Perniciousus / Via

    3. Humans are the OG USB drives.

    Tumblr / @cknd

    4. Cats get 18 chances, unfair.

    Twitter: @HitsLeBlunt / Via Twitter: @HitsLeBlunt

    5. This feels like a personal attack.

    Instagram: @savagerealm / Via

    6. What a beautiful surprise it would be if they didn't know.

    Twitter: @saarah_schultz / Via Twitter: @saarah_schultz

    7. Call your parents and tell them you love them.

    Tumblr / @gillianandersons

    8. This both reduces my anxiety and raises it drastically.

    Tumblr / @the-silence-wears-westwood

    9. How much BBQ sauce did they add before they gave up?

    Tumblr / @just-shower-thoughts

    10. *Stares off into the distance as I vacuum up crushed potato chips off the carpet*

    u/SophisticatedSkink / Via

    11. Thank goodness someone corrected the mistake.

    Tumblr / @connorsrockinbooty

    12. *At least I'm having something healthy with my fries.

    Twitter: @KoloskiCrew / Via Twitter: @KoloskiCrew

    13. This makes me question how often I should really wash my towels.

    Twitter: @ibekweChristop3 / Via Twitter: @ibekweChristop3

    14. This question will ruin friendships.

    Reddit: u/NateTheMemeyBoi / Via

    15. There doesn't need to be any more research done on this, thank you very much.

    Tumblr / @egg-with-a-butt

    16. It's probably best to just never invite me to do anything, ever.

    Twitter: @The_Obsessive / Via Twitter: @The_Obsessives

    17. Well, now I can't sleep.

    Tumblr / @incorrect-vt-quotes

    18. This one is the hardest to say out loud.

    Twitter: @KrantzLuke / Via Twitter: @search

    19. Your mouth will never be the same.

    u/BuLaTh134 / Via

    20. The age old question: Which came first, the bird house, or the birdhouse?

    Tumblr / @bravingposts

    21. At least they're being scientific about it.

    Tumblr / @incorrectwhydontwequotes / Via

    22. As Isaac Newton once said.

    Tumblr / @flandusdestiel

    23. You will never be able to unread this.

    Tumblr / @bonesfeelcold

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