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7 Things That Annoy People About Christmas

A list of the things that are guaranteed to annoy you about Christmas. Fancy watching Bridget Jones' Diary anyone?

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3. Oh god, the jokes


This had to pop up didn't it... Christmas cracker jokes are just terrible... when you're paying good money for what is essentially paper with a toy, joke, and ripped hat in it... the least you can expect is some decent jokes. Sickipedia anyone?

6. Always. On. TV.


Okay, right, so it's set at Christmas, we get it... but why does ITV feel the need to blast out Bridget Jones' Diary, and then the other one... without fail... on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day. NYE, New Years Day, just any festive day they can really. Think we might have seen it by now. Maybe not...

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