The 17 Stages Of Ordering A Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Because sometimes you just need a healthy serving of guac.

1. Hunger strikes. What is one to do?

Matthias Brown /

Chipotle (or Chipoltay for our illiterate friends).

2. Then again, considering the debauchery that was your nephew’s birthday cake last weekend, perhaps something lighter is in order?


3. Because you and yo fyne self is gonna gets you a burrito bowl!

No tortilla = less calories. You’re basically a nutritionist.

4. You get to the nearest Chipotle and the line is like…

James Lawler Duggan / Reuters

But you choose to persist. You’ve already made your choice.

5. And you’re like…


But you choose to persist. You’ve already made your choice.

6. After twenty agonizing minutes of starvation and listening to other people’s conversations, you arrive at the counter.

Inappropriate panting commences. The people you came with are no longer standing near you.

7. Time to order a burrito bowl, but all you want are these.

Rachel Love / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: seandreilinger

They look so good.

8. But you’ve committed to the bowl. You resist. It’s not so bad.

Dreamworks / Via

You repeat to yourself, “No tortilla = less calories, no tortilla = less calories.” If the panting didn’t scare your friends away, the chanting to yourself probably will do the trick.

9. Rice, meats, cheeses, salsas, cheeses, sour cream, guacamole, side of guacamole, what have I done.

Fox ADHD / Via

But there’s no tortilla. It’s basically a salad.

10. You arrive at the register and the worker is like…

Food service employee. Give them a break.

11. Meanwhile you’re like…

The moment has almost arrived!!!

12. “Would you like chips?”

*Blank stare*

13. Well…

TNT / Via

Are tortilla chips made out of tortillas?

14. Consumption happens rapidly. You will not remember these five minutes.

But you will know you ate too much.

15. You leave, wonder how you got so full, but all you can seem to piece together is…

16. And…

Oh man.

17. I don’t think we have to go into too much detail about how three hours later feels.

NBC / Via

Again, oh man.

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