Fans Had A Lot To Say About THAT Scene In This Week's New "White Lotus" Episode

    "I really appreciate the commitment of the White Lotus writing staff to making almost every single character terrible."

    Another episode of The White Lotus Season 2 is in the books, and this week's new chapter had me LITERALLY SCREAMING at my television.

    But I wasn't the only person who had big reactions to this week's ep. Here's what other fans had to say:

    ****SPOILERS AHEAD****

    1. I couldn't agree more.

    I want White Lotus episodes to be 9 hours long

    @caitiedelaney / Via Twitter: @caitiedelaney

    2. That breakfast buffet do be bangin' tho.

    One thing that is simply outrageous in this season of white lotus is how often they eat at the hotel

    @trulyrick / Via Twitter: @trulyrick

    3. People had a loooooot to say about our cast of characters this week.

    i really appreciate the commitment of the White Lotus writing staff to making almost every single character terrible

    @moorehn / Via Twitter: @moorehn

    4. Like Ms. Portia (who I am finding relatable and I think maybe I'm a garbage person????).

    "It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me."

    @evanrosskatz/ HBO / Via Twitter: @evanrosskatz


    Portia finally having the hot girl vacation she planned…I can’t be mad at it 😭😭😭#WhiteLotus

    @NaseemaVeasey / Via Twitter: @NaseemaVeasey


    Why does the gen z character in white lotus dress like the cool hunk in a 90s teen movie I am weeping 😭

    @lydiakiesling / Via Twitter: @lydiakiesling


    i would like a white lotus flashback scene to shed some light on what exactly compelled portia to pack that fuckass sweater vest to a work vacation in italy

    @almondtiddies / Via Twitter: @almondtiddies

    8. There's also Harper, who was GOING THROUGH IT this episode.

    I kinda regret thinking Harper was the crazy one beginning of the season #whitelotus #whitelotushbo

    @Helen_Saeian / Fabio Lovino/HBO / Via Twitter: @Helen_Saeian


    I don’t know how women hold their composure like this the minute I found that condom wrapper it would’ve been on #WhiteLotus

    @starsmoonandsun/ @joannethescammer / Via Twitter: @starsmoonandsun Instagram: @


    the minute after I found that condom wrapper I would've made it everyones problem #WhiteLotus

    @ebby90210 / Via Twitter: @ebby90210


    I would’ve smashed the glass on his head once I saw the wrapper #WhiteLotus

    @crocswsocks/ Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @crocswsocks


    Me when Aubrey Plaza walked to edge of the dock #WhiteLotus

    @ZachGilyard / @deliclit / Via Twitter: @ZachGilyard Twitter: @deliclit


    aubrey plaza only spoke for 10 minutes in today’s white lotus AND STILL was the best acting of the episode

    @ceceparckh / VH1 / Via Twitter: @ceceparckh

    14. And if you thought the Di Grasso family was fucked up before, well, Episode 4 introduced a whole new level of M-E-S-S.

    I been called that Albie was gonna have a thing with Lucia. After his comment about his type being “wounded birds” I’ve just been waiting😭😭😭#WhiteLotus

    @NaseemaVeasey / Via Twitter: @NaseemaVeasey


    this family will never be the same after this 😭 this episode is SO MESSY #WhiteLotus

    @bettercallrea / Fabio Lovino/HBO / Via Twitter: @bettercallrea


    Absolute menaces to society #WhiteLotus

    @SammySwoosh / Fabio Lovino/HBO / Via Twitter: @SammySwoosh

    17. If you thought last week's episode was gay, well then, BUCKLE UP, BUDDY!

    They’re going to fuck there’s no other explanation #WhiteLotus

    @thenervousgeek / HBO / Via Twitter: @thenervousgeek


    “I just wanna be inside you…I wanna do stuff to you…I wanna make you feel good.” Cameron and Ethan, just do it already. #WhiteLotus

    @christianfreo / Via Twitter: @christianfreo

    19. But Cameron and Ethan weren't the only ones giving off homosexual vibes.

    this episode was just gay after gay after gay, like tanya having a free therapy session with her new gay best friend to cam drunkenly suggesting anal sex to an even more drunk ethan, and not to mention, the blatant crush valentina has with the receptionist lol #WhiteLotus

    @122828wkw / Via Twitter: @122828wkw


    White Lotus this week is so true cause the plot is just a bunch of gays wanting to hang out with Jennifer Coolidge cause she’s iconic

    @jackEdaytona / Via Twitter: @jackEdaytona


    If this dude shows up in something you’re watching then things are about to get weird #WhiteLotus

    @cassadyclark24 / Fabio Lovino/HBO / Via Twitter: @cassadyclark24


    the group of euro gays in white lotus when they meet tanya

    @4phantasia / BRAVO / Via Twitter: @4phantasia


    i have evidence valentina on the white lotus is a lesbian………

    @050313s / HBO / Via Twitter: @050313s


    The only requirement for being a #WhiteLotus manager is that you must be gay.

    @allysrapping / HBO / Via Twitter: @allysrapping

    25. And ICYMI, this week it was officially announced that we're getting a third season of this absolutely iconic show.

    @oocwhitelotus / Via Twitter: @oocwhitelotus

    26. And some people have some GREAT ideas that I hope producers will take into consideration.

    they should film white lotus season 3 at the wisconsin dells

    @maxbtweeting / Via Twitter: @maxbtweeting


    give us a Cinderella Story reunion and cast Hilary Duff in Season 3 of The White Lotus as Jennifer Coolidge's estranged daughter, you cowards

    @SpencerAlthouse / HBO / Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


    i know where season 3 of the white lotus should be set

    @fiImgal / Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @fiImgal


    The next season of The White Lotus should be set in Vista Del Mar and feature Barb and Star.

    @dozygay / Via Twitter: @dozygay


    the next season of the white lotus should be set at the great wolf lodge

    @poIarseltzer / Via Twitter: @poIarseltzer


    I know where they should set white lotus season 3

    @mtru_pod / Universal / courtesy Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @mtru_pod

    What were your favorite moments of this week's episode of The White Lotus? Let me know in the comments!