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What Did You Realize Wasn't Actually "Fancy" Once You Became An Adult?

The orange chicken bowl at Applebee's was PEAK luxury.

When you're a kid, literally everything in the world seems fancy to you.

Like this very fancy restaurant:

The front entrance to an Applebee's restaurant

Or having a high-end salon experience:

A mom cutting her child's hair in their bathroom

How about a lavish drink for a special occasion?

A glass of a drink with a cherry suspended above it on a toothpick

When we get a little older and more experienced, however, we look back and realize that maybe some of these things aren't so fancy after all.

This isn't actually skincare for the highly sophisticated, coastal elite. It's just something your aunt had in her linen closet and passed off as a birthday gift.

The entrance to a Bath and Body Works store in a mall

So, I want to hear from YOU! What were things you considered fancy when you were younger that now gives you a laugh? Be it a product, a place, or an activity — I want to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below, or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous, you can submit your answer in this Google Form.

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