Megan Thee Stallion Breaking On "SNL" Gave Me The Strength To Keep On Living

    Megan Thee Stallion couldn't stop laughing, and neither could any of us.

    This weekend, Megan Thee Stallion pulled double duty as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and she was nothing short of perfection.

    She starred in so many hilarious sketches throughout the night — like "Girl Talk" a talk show where the only advice you get is "giiirl" (lol); and "Hot Girl Hospital," a parody of a Shonda Rhimes–esque hospital drama.

    Megan as a nurse holding onto a gurney with a patient lying on it

    There was one sketch on Saturday that didn't just have the audience rolling, but Megan herself couldn't keep from laughing.

    Kenan Thompson and Megan during a skit with fall foliage behind them

    The sketch, titled "Deer," has the simplest and quite frankly stupidest* setup.

    *Stupid is being used as a term of endearment here.

    Kenan Thompson plays Megan's dad who's come to see his daughter's new house out in the country, and during the visit, the crew spots a deer in the backyard.

    Throughout the sketch, everyone can see the deer except for Kenan, and he gets increasingly upset as everyone tries to point it out to him.

    Megan says "Dad, bring your eyes to my hand and follow the arc of the point!"

    One minute into the sketch and Megan already can't keep it together at Kenan's reactions.

    The sketch continues to get more and more ridiculous, and Kenan gets more and more distrusting of everyone telling him there is a deer outside the window.

    Eventually the sketch gets so over-the-top that Megan simply cannot keep herself from laughing outright.

    She keeps having to turn away from the audience to regain composure as Kenan tries to convince her character to move back to the city and away from the "deer." LOL.

    The sketch is so wonderfully dumb, and its comedy reminds me of some of my favorite sketches from the late '90s to early '00s. Megan breaking character just makes it even funnier.

    You can watch the full sketch here:

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