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    "Love Is Blind" Stars Irina And Zack Had One Of The Funniest, Most Shocking, And Downright Jaw-Dropping Relationships In The Show's History — Here Are The 10 Best Moments

    From Irina comparing her partner to a "creepy cartoon character" to Zack singing an a cappella song about the Blarney Stone, this couple's doomed relationship was one for the books.

    Season 4 of Love Is Blind is in full swing, and it's bringing us more completely unhinged entertainment than ever before.

    Out of this season's couples, there is one that sticks out from the rest as the absolute worst (or absolute best if we're talking about entertainment value), and that, of course, is Irina and Zack.

    So I'd like to look back at every cringey, hilarious, and downright shocking moment that happened between the two of them, both to appreciate what good TV they made and to learn from their cautionary tale.

    Bountiful spoilers ahead, dear reader! You've been warned.

    1. From the beginning, there were signs that things were on shaky ground, starting on day two of ~Pod Lyfe~.

    And Irina literally told us all exactly who she was from the start. Like, not a lot of room for interpretation here. LOL.

    2. Irina forgot Zack's birthday until she saw her competition, Bliss, making him cupcakes.

    But Zack was somehow eating it up??? Like, boy, what is going on in that little noggin of yours???

    Quick reminder:

    And then this sweet, naïve boy delivered one of the funniest lines in the series:

    3. Zack introduced Irina to his childhood stuffed dog named Ralph, and we all acted like this is a normal thing that people do.

    If you've been craving a television program where someone gets jealous over another person meeting a stuffed animal, then you are in luck!!

    4. Things took a WILD turn when in an effort to patch things up/declare his love for Irina, Zack announced he'd written a song for her. And performed it. A cappella.

    He found himself a what now?? I am FLUMMOXED by this lyric. What is he trying to say?? Is Irina the Blarney Stone in question???

    If you recall, the Blarney Stone is basically a slab of limestone that is built into Blarney Castle in Ireland, where everyone from tourists to dignitaries journey to kiss the stone while hanging upside down in hopes of gaining the skill of persuasiveness and eloquence.

    I've really been going over this. Irina is Russian (she told us she and her family moved to the US when she was quite young), so this being a reference to her heritage feels off the table.

    Did he mean that with her he feels like he's received the gift of eloquence and thus wrote this — honestly, calling it a "song" feels too generous — collection of words delivered in a quasi-melodic manner?

    Whatever the case may be, you have to hand it to Irina for at least physically surviving this song.

    But Irina's will to be on television was stronger than her obvious disdain for this song (and just days later, this man), and she said yes to his proposal.

    5. But when the two finally met face to face, that's when the red flags turned into RED. FLAGS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THE FLAGS ARE ON FIRE.

    This was literally their first IRL interaction. LOL. Like, shaky ground at BEST.

    After PROMISING TO BLINK MORE, Zack got down on one knee to give Irina her engagement ring and tried to share a romantic moment.

    6. After a beachside dinner full of riveting conversation...

    ...the couple headed to bed together for the first time, engaging in one of the most unexpected threesomes in TV history.

    7. And in the morning, they whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears.

    Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

    Like, downhill and into a swamp full of alligators.

    8. Not even a romantic date adrift at sea was enough to get the sparks flying between them.

    I mean, just observe this handhold:

    And later this...pinkiehold?

    9. But at least the two were finally able to get honest with each other...

    And after alllllllll these days, they had to hash it out like two grown adults.

    10. Everything finally came to a head when Irina tried to iron out travel details for their trip back home.

    And the two did not mince words.

    And then it became an all-out free-for-all.

    But it didn't stop there! Let's look at the highlight reel of best quotes from the rest of their breakup.

    And to think, just days earlier, we were here.

    I want to sincerely thank Irina and Zack for their service, for entertaining the masses, and allowing us to go along on this wild journey with them. Their bravery is unmatched. 🫡

    What are your favorite moments so far from Love Is Blind Season 4? Tell me in the comments!