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Shonda Rhimes Has The Same Feelings We All Do About Lena Dunham's "Scandal" Wig

Sue, you in danger, gurl. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE MARCH 19 EPISODE!

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...viewers could only focus on the wig that Dunham's character, known as Kinky Sue, was wearing.

Lena Dunham's wig though 😁 #Scandal #ScandalABC

Has someone started a Lena Dunham's wig Twitter account yet? #Scandal

Sooooo what should name @lenadunham's wig on #Scandal ? #Trixy #Mertle #Bertha ???


They need to dustbust that wig off of @lenadunham head. It's turrible #Scandal

This wig on @lenadunham is the real scandal. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ScandaI.

"What you need is to kill the mofo who gave you that tragic wig!” β€” Olivia Pope’s inner voice. #Scandal

she can get her a job but not a new wig? #fail #scandal


But Dunham wants to be sure you don't blame Rhimes for the questionable accessory, because she was the mastermind behind the wig.

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"The wig is a crazy choice, but it's a choice, but it's there," Rhimes told Vulture recently, adding that the "crazy choice" was Dunham's.

Dunham also took full responsibility during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. "To save Shonda any tsuris, as we say in the Jewish community, I wanted to say that the wig was my idea. And that this was not Shonda's narrative choice," she said. "Everything else β€” the writing, all of the beautiful facts of the show β€” you can blame on Shonda. But the wig was all me."