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What We Didn't Know About The "La La Land" Producer Who Still Made His Speech

"We lost, by the way."

By now, you've probably heard about the Oscars' epic mix-up in which La La Land was mistakenly named Best Picture instead of Moonlight at the ceremony Sunday night.

When the so-called winner was announced, the La La Land cast and crew were took the stage and producer Jordan Horowitz was the first to speak on behalf of the movie.

Then, as producer Marc Platt made his speech, Horowitz and Fred Berger, another La La Land producer, started to notice something was amiss.

Suddenly, an Oscars crew member ran onstage.

And another appeared, showing Horowitz and Berger what we believed to be the correct envelope, indicating Moonlight (and not La La Land) was actually Best Picture.

There was a ton of confusion, but then Berger mouthed to Horowitz, "We lost."

BUT a source close to the situation told BuzzFeed News that the envelope Horowitz and Berger were shown was actually the WRONG one — the Best Actress one revealing Emma Stone as the winner for her performance in La La Land — AGAIN. As you can see, there was some envelope shuffling.

When Platt finished his speech — totally unaware of what transpired behind him — he motioned to Berger to take the mic.

And Berger reluctantly obliged.

As presenter Warren Beatty approached the mic to explain the mishap, Berger leaned in one last time and said: "We lost by the way. But, you know..."

It was a moment that will go down in Oscars history. Some people were impressed by Berger's commitment to finishing his speech.

Also, that third producer who knew La La Land lost but gave an acceptance speech anyway: shoot your shot.


My favorite moment was actually the La La Land producer who still gave his speech the moment after he heard they had actually lost


Shout out to the producer of la la land who already knew he lost but saw the mic and went for his speech anyways.


Gotta respect the La La Land guy who finished his speech by saying, "We lost by the way ... but, ya know" #BestPicture #Oscars


While others were less than enthused.

at first i was thinking the la la land people handled that so well and then i watch it a second time and noticed the 'we lost by the way'


shame to that la la land producer that was told moonlight actually won, continued to give his speech and ended with "we lost by the way."


Nah, but who was the guy from La La Land that said "we lost by the way, but, you know" and just walked away? Incredibly unprofessional.


La La Land boys are SO salty right now. "We lost, by the way, so yeah." might be the cringes thing I've seen in a while.


And of course, they had jokes.

The La La Land producer who found out they lost and gave his speech anyway will be the 46th President of the United States. #Oscars


"We lost by the way" The rest of La La Land cast:


But if this photo between Berger and Moonlight star Mahershala Ali is any indication, it all worked out OK.

BuzzFeed News has tried to get in touch with Berger for comment.


The headline of this post and the post itself have been updated to include the fact that before he spoke, Berger was shown the incorrect Best Actress envelope, not the correct Best Picture winner envelope.