The "Saved By The Bell" Reunion On "The Tonight Show" Made Our Childhood Dreams Come True

Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Slater, and even Mr. Belding joined Jimmy Fallon for a trip down memory lane back to Bayside High.

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The Tonight Show is currently filming in Los Angeles for the week, and after doing a spoof on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Monday, host Jimmy Fallon decided to take another trip down '90s-TV-show-set-in-California memory lane on Wednesday...

View this video on YouTube none other than Saved by the Bell's fictional Bayside High, where, Fallon said, he went to high school.

But there was no time to think about marriage or Beverly Hills, because the best band in the world was soon blaring through Bayside, courtesy of Mr. Belding (aka DJ Richie the Big Bopper).

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