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The Crowning At This Year's Miss Universe Pageant Was Awkward AF

Poor Miss Colombia.

At the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, which aired live on Sunday night, host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, had won.

But it wasn't over yet.

Right after Gutierrez took her first walk as Miss Universe, Harvey corrected himself...

He'd misread the card, and Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, was the winner — Gutierrez was the runner-up.

There was A LOT of confusion.

And there was also booing and chaos in the crowd as Wurtzbach walked to the front of the stage.

Eventually, Harvey addressed the crowd.

Poor Steve Harvey!!! But at least he did the right thing and rectified the situation #MissUniverse2015

He said: "Listen folks, let me just take control of this. This is exactly what's on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake. It was on the card. Horrible mistake... but I can show it to you right here. It was my mistake. Still a great night. Please don't hold it against the ladies. We feel so badly, but it's still a great night."

And with that, Harvey walked off the stage and last year's Miss Universe winner, Paulina Vega, also from Colombia, was in the uncomfortable position of taking the crown from Miss Colombia's head and putting it on Miss Philippines'.

You can watch the full disaster here:

View this video on YouTube

Harvey later tweeted an apology that he soon deleted:

About 10 minutes after deleting the tweet, he tweeted another apology with corrected spellings.

I'd like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible.

Secondly, I'd like to apologize to the viewers at that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake.

I don't want to take away from this amazing night and pageant. As well as the wonderful contestants. They were all amazing.

There's only one thing to say, Steve: