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Patrick Stewart Has Plans To Dress Up Like Captain Picard For His Wife

"There would be a certain impact in having the good captain in her bedroom ... I hope!"

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Jamie McCarthy / Via Getty Images

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen have played some very recognizable characters, ones that also come with equally recognizable costumes: for Stewart, there's Captain Jean-Luc Picard's USS Enterprize uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and for McKellen, there's Gandalf's regal hat, beard, and robe from The Lord of The Rings franchise and Magneto's helmet and cape in the X-Men movies.

When asked if any significant others ever wanted to do a little role-playing in any of their costumes at BuzzFeed Brews on Feb. 21, McKellen said, "I don't think so, no. I think people like me as I am."

But Stewart has some interesting future plans. "I do have one of the Captain's uniforms hanging in my wardrobe and I do have a little plan for taking a certain person, namely my wife, by surprise one morning when I bring her a cup of tea. It hasn't happened yet, but it will," he said of his wife Sunny Ozell, whom he married in a ceremony officiated by McKellen in Sept. 2013. "It was many months after we started seeing one another that I learned that she and her younger brother and her parents watched The Next Generation every single week that it came out. So there would be a certain impact in having the good captain in her bedroom ... I hope!"

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