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    Kaley Cuoco's Reaction To Her Sister On "The Voice" Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    The Big Bang Theory star proves she'd also make a very embarrassing pageant mom.

    Kaley Cuoco's sister Briana has long been her personal assistant and BFF.

    But Kaley took the back seat this week when Bri auditioned for "The Voice."

    "My sister understands that I have aspirations and I have things that I really want to do and she's great about that," Bri said of Kaley before her performance.

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    "I've been waiting for something like this for so long for her. She's deserved this her whole life and she's always put herself on the back burner for everyone else. And this is her time now," Kaley said of Bri. "There's no one I love more in the world. My sister and I are closer than close... I want this for her probably more than she maybe wants it. I'm just really, really excited."

    As Bri sang Lady Gaga's "You and I," Kaley was backstage with their parents, begging the coaches to press their buttons.


    When begging proved unfruitful, she started to pray.


    SUCCESS!!!! Christina turned her big red chair around for Bri and Kaley freaked the fuck out.


    And then Cee Lo turned his big red chair around in the last second, and Kaley could barely handle it.


    As Christina vied for Bri to choose her over Cee Lo, she said Bri had "power and raw talent," leading Kaley to adorably experience some more emotions.


    Ultimately, the wooing worked and Lil' Cuoco went with Team Christina. Congrats, Bri! Now get your sister some tissues and a brown paper bag to breathe into.

    Watch Bri's full audition below:

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