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The 31 Most Gut-Wrenching Moments In The "Glee" Episode Honoring Cory Monteith

Tissues. The whole box.

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4. When Kurt was packing up to head to Lima...


He also briefly addressed the fact that we wouldn't learn how Finn died. Because, as he said, "Who cares? One moment in his whole life. I care more about how he lived."

7. And Mercedes volunteered to be the first up, singing the song Finn told her he sang when he saw what he thought was his baby's first sonogram: "I'll Stand by You" by The Pretenders.

8. When Carole, Burt, and Kurt started going through Finn's room with boxes that read "Keep" and "Give Away."

15. And then Coach Beiste had to give it to Puck straight, while they both cried.

"He's dead," she said. "And all we've got left is his voice in our head. I'm sorry, but it's time you gotta be your own quarterback."

18. And then Kurt went to the auditorium to talk to her.


She said she had planned on "not being a bitch for once" and wanted to "say all these nice things about Finn." "Then, at the last minute, I chickened out," she explained. Kurt asked her to read her notes, but she was too embarrassed. "Shame is a wasted emotion," he told her and she finally relented. "Finn really cared about you," Kurt told her, noting that he thought she was a pretty OK person.

21. When Santana went to apologize to Sue and instead Sue admitted she was the one that needed to be sorry.

"He would've made an excellent teacher. I thought I'd spend the next 30 years teaching beside him," she said with tears in her eyes. "It's just so pointless. All that potential."

23. "Nobody treat me with kid gloves, OK? I don't know what to say either."

"I loved Finn and he loved me and he loved all you guys. I know he did," Rachel continued in the comfort of the choir room.

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