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    Demi Moore's Reaction To Rumer Willis Winning "Dancing With The Stars" Is Hilariously Perfect

    She cooked that.

    Rumer Willis and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, won Season 20 of Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night.

    And though they were pretty thrilled...

    No one was happier than her family — mom Demi, sister Scout, sister Tallulah, grandma Marlene, stepmom Emma, and dad Bruce.

    They were beyond thrilled for Rumer.

    And helped her hold the mirror ball trophy.

    This is magical! I am in awe! Omg omg OMG

    Because it's heavy probably.

    Rumer has it :)

    It just does not get better than this...

    Woke up, started smiling, thought to myself what an unbelievably epic dream I'd just had..... Oh wait....

    Or does it?

    She cooked that, y'all.