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Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, And Patricia Arquette Explain A Female Actor's "Last F**kable Day"

And this is how that Inside Amy Schumer sketch came together.

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At a Tribeca Talks After the Movie: Inside Amy Schumer event on Sunday, April 20, Schumer and those behind the series talked about the epic scene.

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Amy Schumer, Kim Caramele, Jessi Klein, Daniel Powell, Ryan McFaul, and Kevin Kane attend Tribeca Talks: After the Movie: Inside Amy Schumer during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival at Spring Studio on April 19 in New York City.

The sketch, which has been in the works since the show began, came about during a conversation in the writers room about "actresses aging out of Hollywood and how that happens," Inside Amy Schumer's head writer Jessi Klein explained. "Just like, women who were seen as the ultimate hottest ingenue and just like, when do they know? ... And then once the phrase 'last fuckable day' came out of someone's mouth, we were like, Oh, last fuckable day. … Then it became a journey to find the angels who ended up doing it."

Executive producer Dan Powell said when they first tried to do the sketch for Season 1, they envisioned Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow. "We didn't know why those two wouldn't want to work together," Schumer joked. "This scene we've been trying to make for three years, and lots of actresses said no."

"In terms of the second time we looked at it, these were kind of the women that we immediately thought of and somehow, it all came together," Powell said of the sketch, which was guest-directed by Nicole Holofcener, who had directed Louis-Dreyfus in Enough Said.

"These chicks were so cool to agree to do it," Schumer noted of her "dream cast." "That's why it was such a fun day, 'cause we really got to just hang out in that dreamlike situation. They were kind of outraged by the same stuff we thought was unfair also."

The women also came "locked and loaded with their own ideas," Schumer said. "Everybody was really inspired by this scene. ... Patricia is, like, very into crafting and she really wanted us to make this bird house out of diaphragms."

And Fey was the genius behind the "white spiders" line. "'White spiders' was all Tina Fey," Klein said. "I was like, I don't have the authority to give you a second Mark Twain prize, but I'm going to citizen's-arrest you a Mark Twain prize for 'white spiders.'"

Bowing down.

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Watch the full clip here:

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