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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Aug 30, 2013

    35 Famous Faces You Probably Forgot Were On "Friends"

    These ain't your Tom Sellecks.

    1. Jim Rash (Nervous Male Passenger in Season 10)

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    Dean Pelton is really concerned about plane phalanges.

    2. Mae Whitman (Sarah Tuttle in Season 3)

    3. Tate Donovan (Joshua Burgin in Season 4)

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    4. Anna Faris (Erica in Season 10)

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    God bless her for giving Monica and Chandler the twins.

    5. Cole Sprouse (Ben Gellar in Seasons 6-8)

    TeenIdols4U / Via

    Just Cole, no Dylan.

    6. Ellen Pompeo (Missy Goldberg in Season 10)

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    Meredith Grey with a side pony.

    7. Thomas Lennon (Randall in Season 5)

    Tumblr / Via

    The reason why we are all searching for our identical hand twins.

    8. Dakota Fanning (Mackenzie in Season 10) / Via

    You Joe, me Jane.

    9. Michael Vartan (Dr. Tim Burke in Season 4)

    YouTube / Via

    Dr. Burke's son may not have had the 'stache, but Monica did not discriminate.

    10. Kyla Pratt (Charla Nichols in Season 3)

    ChildStarlets / Via

    "Why don't you look in the mirror, scrud?"

    11. George Newbern (Danny, the Yeti in Season 5)

    Renard / Via

    The One That Was Incestuous, with Bryan MacKenzie.

    12. Melissa George (Molly in Season 9)

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    Emma's hot nanny!

    13. Scott Adsit (The director in Season 7)

    Comedy Central UK / Via

    The time Joey dropped trou for Pete Hornberger.

    14. Paget Brewster (Kathy in Season 4)

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    This is what happened before six seasons on Criminal Minds.

    15. David Sutcliffe (Kyle in Season 7)

    Quizz / Via

    Rory Gilmore's dad was "Hums While He Pees."

    16. Alison Sweeney (Jessica Ashley in Season 7)

    Quizz / Via

    The DOOL actress played a DOOL actress. So meta.

    17. Jennifer Coolidge (Amanda Buffamonteezi in Season 10)

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    Stifler's mom was Monica and Phoebe's former roommate!

    18. Steve Zahn (Duncan in Season 2)

    Wikia / Via

    Phoebe's gay ex-Ice-Capading husband.

    19. Leah Remini (Lydia in Season 1)

    Comedy Central UK / Via

    Let's assume Stacey Carosi's baby daddy was Zack Morris.

    20. Penn Jillette (Encyclopedia Salesman in Season 4)

    The man who tried to help Joey make conversation.

    21. Sherri Shepherd (Rhonda in Season 4)

    Tumblr / Via

    She was Rhonda and those weren't real!

    22. Evan Handler (The director in Season 9)

    Comedy Central UK / Via

    Sorry, Scott Adsit. You'd been replaced by Harry Goldenblatt.

    23. Jennifer Saunders (Andrea Waltham in Seasons 4 & 5)

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    Emily's stepmother was absolutely fabulous.

    24. Ivana Miličević (Kori Weston in Season 9)

    Vimeo / Via

    Before she seduced Colin in "Love Actually," she had a crush on Ross.

    25. Missi Pyle (Hillary in Season 6)

    YouTube / Via

    She had a black light and it was 1999!

    26. T.J. Thyne (Dr. Oberman in Season 5)

    Tumblr / Via

    Dr. Jack Hodgins of Bones delivered Phoebe's triplets.

    27. Willie Garson (Steve in Season 5)

    Comedy Central UK / Via

    What would Stanford Blach say about that shirt?

    28. Kevin Rahm (Tim in Season 8)

    The Huffington Post / Via

    Ted Chaough ... without a turtleneck!

    29. Dan Bucatinsky (The Waiter in Season 9)

    Tumblr / Via

    And this is how "Web Therapy" and "The Comeback" came to be.

    30. Melora Hardin (Celia in Season 1)

    YouTube / Via

    Marcel was not a fan of Jan Levinson.

    31. Emily Osment (Lelani Mayolanofavich in Season 8)

    Warner Bros. / Via

    She actually had a name worse than Lola Luftnagle.

    32. Sasha Alexander (Shelley in Season 8)

    Friends Generation / Via

    This happened between the Creek and the Isles.

    33. Eva Amurri (Dina in Season 7)

    YouTube / Via

    When Susan Sarandon guest-starred, she brought her then 16-year-old daughter along with her.

    34. Craig Robinson (The Clerk in Season 10)

    Comedy Central / Via

    He was the man responsible for changing Phoebe's name to Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.

    35. Mark Consuelos (Officer Hanson in Season 7)

    NBC / Via Amazon

    The subject in Rachel's lesson in flirting your way out of a speeding ticket.

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