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    Posted on Nov 18, 2013

    15 Places Justin Bieber And R. Kelly Talk About Having Sex In "PYD"

    According to their new song, they want to put you down pretty much everywhere.

    First, turn on Justin Bieber and R. Kelly's new track "PYD."

    Then, brace yourself because they want to get busy with you in/on/against the following places:

    1. The door

    2. The wall

    World Star Hip Hop / Via

    3. The coffee table

    Zomba Recording, LLC / Via

    4. The stove

    Justin Bieber / Via Twitter: @justinbieber

    5. The countertop

    Zomba Recording, LLC / Via

    6. The dining room table

    7. Up the stairs

    8. The bedroom

    Zomba Recording LLC / Via /

    9. A plane

    10. A train

    Island Def Jam Music Group / Via

    11. An automobile

    Zomba Recording, LLC / Via /

    "Doesn't matter."

    12. The roof

    Cindy Ord / Getty Images

    13. The balcony

    14. The parking lot (after the club)

    15. And of course, the floor

    NBC / Via Jaimie Etkin / BuzzFeed

    (Sadly, there was one locale that didn't get a mention...)

    Jive / Via