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    What I Heard, Saw, And Felt At The New York Million Women's March

    First and foremost: 750,000 people assembling peacefully.

    Because of the staggered start times, I started the march at 3pm when the streets were already flooded with people. Progress of the march was slow-going, but energetic, positive, electrifying, and powerful. Some friends in my group brought their 11-week-old daughter in a stroller. Before we left the cafe we all met up in, we all looked at the baby and "We're going to march for you! which truly put the reasons of the march in perspective.

    During the march, I saw kids (both boys and girls) marching with signs--some of them singing, "Who run the world? Girls!" I sang Sister Suffragette with strangers I had just met. I danced in the street as a brass band played next to me. I chanted "This is what democracy looks like!" and "Who are we? We the people!" I watched, listened, and felt, as hundreds around me erupted with spontaneous cheers. We were many, but we marched as one--the true E Pluribus Unum.

    Most importantly, I felt the energy around me as we sent a clear and electrifying message to not only the new President, but also to Congress, the United States, and to the entire world. We will not be silent and complacent in the next four years. We will be vocal. We will be united. We will resist. The government should be prepared for us.

    Jaime Mac
    Jaime Mac
    Jaime Mac
    Jaime Mac
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